New Apple iPhone 4

My new iPhone 4 showed up a day early (Wednesday)... some lucky people even got theirs on Tuesday!

I did have to wait a few minutes for it to activate with AT&T, and for it to sync my iTunes movies and songs... but once that was all done... well you check it out!

Check it out... ability to use FaceTime for video calls, you can choose the front or back camera when taking photos... it's thinner, lighter, faster, and better looking.

Apple already introduced multitasking to the old (3G and 3GS) phones on Monday, so I've already been able to stream music from a radio station via Pandora while checking email or browsing the web on my phone.

  • iBooks (book reader) is new, even though we already had the Kindle app
  • Netflix app is coming so you can stream movies to your phone (like you already can with iPad)
  • iMovie is coming out soon which will let you edit videos with all the features as the desktop version
  • Farmville is coming to iPhone pretty soon as well

What phone do you have?  (Come on Droid people, let me have it!)  Are you getting this new phone?

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  1. I think it’s a hot phone. Both the version 3 & 4. I have an old Nokia and my wife has a HTC iTouch. Always dreamed of getting an iPhone, so certainly I am a great fan of the photos.

    Always nice to see good wrapping. We experienced the same when we unpacked our MacBooks just over a couple of years ago.

    Congratz on your version 4. 🙂

  2. Britt Malka says:

    I have an iPhone 3G – so that’s basically old stuff.

    Yes, I’ve been wanting the new iPhone, since somebody forgot the proto-type in a bar, and I saw the pictures.

    Congratulation with yours 🙂

    I only need to come up with a really good excuse to get one, because there’s nothing wrong with my old iPhone.

  3. Side note: Congrats on your iPhone 4. I didn’t preorder in time because the stupid website wouldn’t work for me 🙁

  4. Clyde Reid says:

    I still have a Nextel phone and walkie talkie. Never thought about spending that much money on a phone. I think I have internet on my phone but I have never used it. Maybe one day I will step into the 21st century. My little brother has an I4 so I guess that makes him smarter than me.

    Congrats on getting yours Robert,

  5. Dave Doolin says:

    I have last year’s model. I like it better than I thought I would.

    What the heck, man, what’s up with all this blogging lately? If you’re not careful, you’re going be finding yourself leaving comments around the place too. Stop now before it’s too late!

  6. Ron Barrett says:

    We got two of then new Iphones yesterday here at the dayjob…sweet phones…

    I personally have a Blackberry, but when my contract is up in January, I will be upgrading to the new Iphone even though the only disadvantage I see is customer service with AT&T…

    Have you had any issues with that Robert?

  7. I’m on the waiting list for an iPhone 4 (hopefully within 2 weeks). Excited about trading in my “dinosaur” phone!

    Robert, please let us know how you’re using the iPhone 4 to run your business more efficiently.


  8. For video streaming also check out air video. Great for if you buy into a video based course but want to sit with the family 🙂

    I hadn’t upgraded my 3gs to iOS4 but looking pretty neat on the iPhone 4, and the display is everything that they said it would be. Still waiting for my sim to kick in so I can make calls of course 😉

    Wonder what the gurus like Kern and Walker are using, I know they use macs for their keynote videos, but they tend to be social media skeptic (spend their free time playing guitar and surfing rather than chatting I guess) so I can’t see them going mad for the latest smart phones …

  9. Robert Plank says:


    I’m sure they have the latest toys.

  10. Ron says:

    The Wife’s and kid’s phones are finally available for upgrade in a week or so, I’ll be ordering a few of them. Finally dumping this LG Shine – I can’t wait!

  11. The new iPhone 4 is a real winner. My mission online and offline is to declutter. This phone fits the description for sure! No need to take along a camera and maps and a set of phone books just to take thekids to the park anymore. I love technology.

    Congratulations to you and your new apps!

  12. Ken Gary says:

    I have the first T-Mobile HTC G-Phone (with Google). It’s a droid phone and that’s great. But the battery life is totally inadequate.

    What’s the battery life like on the iPhone 4, Robert?

  13. Sherm says:

    Congratulations — I know how much fun it is to get a sexy new smartphone ^_^

    I’m happy as a clam ’cause I just got the new EVO (it totally rocks!). I’ve had my lovely iPhone 3G for 2 years, but I had to switch away from AT&T because the weak cell reception makes it impossible to make calls from my house!

    Have fun with the new iPhone!

  14. Adam Porter says:

    Ooh, and your photo gallery above randomizes with each page refresh. Neato.

    Anyway, awesome phone. Won’t get one until they come to Verizon, though. For now, I’m banging away on my BlackBerry Storm…due for something new in December. I can’t wait!


  15. Alexander says:

    HTC Tattoo


  16. Mine arrived today. Glad to see this post – it gives me something to comment on whilst I’m waiting for it to sync. Very impressed by the screen so far, and how fast the iPhone 4 seems compared to my old 3G.

    Next job is to check out the sound through Spotify, and try out both cams. Shame I can’t get Netflix in the UK as the streaming video option sounds cool. I’ve seen iMovie in the store too now, so will no doubt try that.

  17. Jase says:

    Just switched from Blackberry to iPhone a month ago and you’re telling me I’m out of date already? Sheesh. Now I’ve got 4-envy!

  18. clara says:

    Looks great om my d

  19. clara says:

    Looks great on my Droid

  20. john says:

    Looks good on my HTC hero.

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