PHP Uncensored Version 3

I released the updated "PHP Uncensored" e-book and video package last night, complete with chapter 4.

Some of you were interested in my sales numbers for this launch, I'm going to give them to you. Keep in mind they aren't super great and I never put a lot of work into product launches.

Buyers at $10.00: 168 = $1,680.00
Buyers at $12.50: 28 = $350.00
Buyers at $15.00: 6 = $90.00

(Remember, we want to tally up profits -- not the number of sales.)

Total buyers: 202
Total sales: $2,120.00
After PayPal fees: $1,988.84

No advertising, no JVs, no affiliate programs, just a little bit of good old fashioned lazy forum and list marketing. That means zero expenses for me.

I'm only happy with about $3,000 from a single product launch. Remember that in June I made $3,000 in a single day. I keep telling myself that there are three more chapters to add so maybe things will pick up a bit.

My "Web Sites on Crack" and "PHP on Crack" products sold 405 copies each so I consider that the absolute highest number of buyers I am capable of attracting at this time.

But anyway, back to "PHP Uncensored"...

This latest script in there is a "Link Spy" and shows how to find out what pages on your web site are losing the most visitors.

You get a complete list of what pages on your site your visitors leave from... and which URL they end up going to!

If you can narrow down the links on your site that lose you the most traffic, you could:

  • Edit the page and place an opt-in box right before that link to make sure you don't lose visitors permanently.
  • Investigate the link and find out if the site you are linking to has an affiliate program you can join.
  • Contact the owner of the other site and offer to setup a link exchange.

If an article or page on your site was really really popular... and you plugged that one leak... even one extra sale per week for a year would add up to a nice chunk of change.

Here is the URL to that product so you know what I'm talking about:

Remember that because I'm following that mini product launch plan outlined on my blog earlier this month, every time I add a new chapter, I give free upgrades to existing buyers and then increase the price for new buyers. So the lowest price to get in is right now.

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  1. Bob Lowell says:

    If you bought php uncensored at $10, how do you get the free upgrade?

  2. Robert Plank says:

    I’ve been sending every upgrade out via e-mail. I found you subscribed under your account… is that not the one you check?

  3. Bob Lowell says:

    Yes, but I get your emails on several other addresses.

  4. Robert Plank says:

    Bob, can you reply to one of my emails on the other address and give me the correct one to send you these updates?

    For everyone else, I just launched the 4th version of PHP Uncensored — — which now includes chapter 5, the scroll spy. It finds out how far down visitors lose interest in your sales copy, so you can make edits.

    I bumped the price up to $17.50 this time so let’s see how sales have been so far…

    Buyers at $10.00: 168 = $1,680.00
    Buyers at $12.50: 28 = $350.00
    Buyers at $15.00: 21 = $315.00

    Total buyers: 217
    Total sales: $2,345.00
    After PayPal fees: $2,202.14

    Every release gets me about $300 and I have two chapters left so it doesn’t look like I will break $3,000 unless I do something crazy at the end.

    It’s also worth noting that I have pulled in an additional 29 sales ($585.20 after fees) of sales from unknown sources. I’ve noticed that when I run a WSO and my name is out there, I see a boost in the sales of my other products.

  5. Hi Robert

    I’m sure you can do anything, as crazy as it might get, and in fact GET AWAY with it. We love reading your material and keep it coming. I see you maintain the 10 comments before you write more, so I hope people will get batteries into their wireless keyboards so we can read more of your interesting material.

    Thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Robert Plank says:

    Thanks Henrik. Well the problem with this blog is I don’t have any kind of critical mass on it, no one will revisit unless I send out a mailing. No big deal.

    I still believe in the 10 comments per post thing because I hate it when I am following a blog, don’t check in on it and there are a ton of old posts to read. It feels like work.

    I consider James Brausch one of the most kickass Internet marketing bloggers ever (even though I really don’t like his personality and disagree with 85% of what he has to say).

    BUT he sure does know how to make a profitable blog. I enjoy reading his stuff but this week he has been making 7 posts per day… even I can’t keep up with that.

    Update on sales for yesterday and today, since posting the latest chapter and increasing the price to $17.50 I’ve had 5 sales ($105 or $99.63 after fees).

    This led to 5 more “sidetracked” sales totaling $195 ($187.68 after fees). Plus 3 sales totaling $80.10 in Clickbank.

    This brings the total to:
    $2,202.14 + $99.63 + $187.68 + $80.10 = $2,569.55.

    So maybe $3k will be possible with this product launch.

  7. Paydex says:

    and no blog post about the new launch?


  8. Robert Plank says:

    I know Ari, but I did send a mailing to my list.

    I said I wasn’t going to post the next entry until I had 10 comments filled up in the current one.

    I will be posting the results of the Top Secret PHP launch however, once that has all settled down.

    The nickel sales are always pretty cool.

    When I went to bed late last night (around midnight), the price was $0.05 and I had $700 in my PayPal account already. I woke up about an hour ago (9 AM) and I have $2300 in my PayPal account, with 262 sales of Top Secret PHP overnight and a price of $13.15 now. Not bad huh?

  9. Hi Robert

    Congratulations on the sales… ๐Ÿ™‚

    But don’t fall prey to only sleeping just because you make money on autopilot. This is the ninth comment, and someone is bound to make another comment soon.

    Just kidding. Keep up the good work, and thanks for good replies to our comments. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. rich stevens says:

    just found your blog, sounds like you have some neat scripts:) anychance we can get you on the radio to talk about some? maybe give some away?? (in exchange for mentions of your site?)

  11. Robert Plank says:

    Rich, thanks for the offer but I don’t think we are in the same niche. Cool site though… impressive! Endorsements by Bob Saget and Jay Leno!

    Update on PHP Uncensored: I now have chapter 6 released and here are the latest numbers…

    Buyers at $10.00: 169 = $1,690.00
    Buyers at $12.50: 28 = $350.00
    Buyers at $15.00: 22 = $330.00
    Buyers at $17.50: 11 = $192.50
    Buyers at $20.00: 9 = $180.00

    Total buyers: 239
    Total sales: $2,742.50
    After PayPal fees: $2,579.85

    It looks like I just might hit $3k by the end after all (not taking PayPal fees into account).

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