Physical Products: Kunaki for DVDs, CreateSpace for Books, Lulu for Manuals, Amazon FBA for Everything Else

Selling any kind of physical product online is easy, and FREE -- "they" usually just take a cut -- if you know where to look...

  • If you want to sell a box of physical DVD's or CD's, is the cheapest (and IMO easiest) place to do it -- just upload your DVD and artwork for the disc and case -- or use their built-in artwork creator
  • To sell a physical book (softcover or hardcover) that's at least 25 pages in length, whether it's 6x9 or 8.5x11 or any weird size, use -- upload your interior (Word document), graphics for front cover, back cover, and spine (they also have a cover creator)
  • If you need to get some books and manuals printed PRIVATELY, such as manuals ("textbooks") as a bonus for something like a paid course, use Once again, upload Word document, upload cover or use their editor -- but the difference here is your books are NOT out in the open publicly. You order them on your own and set your individual customer's address as the shipping address
  • To sell just about anything else, from a product like a supplement or kitchen utensil you sourced from China, or "As Seen on TV" items you picked up at the local discount store, use Amazon FBA. What's great about Amazon is you can either ship the items yourself, or mail them all at once to Amazon's warehouse and THEY will handle delivery to those individual customers

If you want me to walk you through the exact process, claim your access to our Make a Product course for Kunaki and CreateSpace, and Dropship CEO for mastery on Amazon FBA.

Avenue #1: DVD/CD Boxes with Kunaki

Avenue #2: Physical Book with Amazon CreateSpace

 Avenue #3: Sell (Almost) Any Physical Product Using Amazon FBA

Can I see what you are selling these days? What is the URL to your physical product?

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  1. Steven W Johnson (@pawmarks) says:

    It’s a Physical BACKED Digital Tool Framework, the physical component of which looks like THESE:

    It’s based on SSI (like soc security) or SEX SELLS ITSELF technology/neurochem/memetics

  2. George says:

    Robert, you and Lance have been great. Those who’ve read “The Road to Summertown—Stories from Tomorrow’s Newspaper,” give it great reviews. But I’m still struggling with greatness in my marketing.

  3. You said physical…
    I have a product, which if you have ever had a toilet flange leak, will fix any problem you have with the installation/repair of your toilet.
    Many industry experts say that 80-90% of the toilets installed, in new homes for the past 40 years have been installed incorrectly. The correct installation is for the flange is supposed to rest on ‘top’ of the finished floor.
    I’ve been a builder for almost 40 years and we invented this product to allow people to fix their toilets themselves. Not hire a plumber who may throw in a couple extra wax rings…charge you $150 bucks and leave to cash your check…

  4. Hello. This is my website which I setup for my wife to sell Liquid Life, one of the best nutritional supplements in the market. At present am importing the product from USA to distribute in Malaysia.

  5. David Ashton says:

    Keep up the great work. This wouldn’t be there it wasn’t for your training. Though the niche sucks so I goofed there.

  6. On line since ’99 in a super-competitive niche.

  7. The Shed Ninja is designed with two separate tools in one: an undercoat rake and a blade.The Shed Ninja 2 in 1 pet Shedding Brush The undercoat rake with longer teeth effectively reaches through the topcoat and brushes out the loose, tangled and dirty fur underneath, removing dead hair before it collects all over the floor for greater ease of clean-up. An undercoat tool can be used more frequently than stripping rakes as it is gentle on the animal’s skin and won’t create sores or irritation even if used daily.

  8. Robert, you and Lance have brought something to the market that has become my favorite by a long shot. Now I have a slew of WordPress themes and plugins that I do not use and are just sitting on one of my storage hard drives.

    You asked for an example of the physical thing that sell so here it is. If a real estate consultant and my thing is local real estate – more specifically condos.

    I market my listings primarily online because that’s where all the buyers are. Local offline advertising is not my thing anymore because the ROI is ridiculous.

    Once I discovered Paper Template I use it exclusively to make my life easier.

    Here are examples of my small niche lead gen websites…

    and here is an example of how I market my own listings…

    Thank you for your good work!

    Fred Ferguson

  9. Financing JV Opportunity For Qualified Commercial Investors And Developers 90% Financing Program…. non-recourse 360/60 Call

  10. Dale Maxwell says:

    Digestion problems can sometimes be alleviated with digestive enzymes. Reach out if you have questions.

    Thanks Robert for the chance to share


  11. Virend says:

    Inspirational Poems about Life and Success will touch your heart, give you hope & motivate you to be your best!
    The digital version is FREE from Feb 6-8.

  12. Byron McDade says:

    Here is the link to one of my FBA products:

    Best Regards,

  13. I sell reflective address signs that help 911 find homes at night during emergencies.

  14. My brand new physical products site is . I sell luxury wedding invitations.

  15. this is my hand crafted golf club stand made from a recycled
    golf club.This model features an programmable alarm to remind you.I have not sold any of my 2 stands models but what can you expect when you are on page 50,with only 5 other stand ahead of me the the remaining items
    golf bag, tees, clubs and etc all ahead of me.

  16. German Calvo says:

    You will see what it is. Not a great selling item may be, yet a good marketer like you I bet can sell it easy… I’d be so eager to know how your marketing
    would sell this stuff.

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