A Product Launch is Impossible Without Affiliates?

All the time I get replies from internet marketing newbies with resentment about being kept out of the "good ol boys" club.  You know how it goes... you get the same exact copy and paste e-mail from 30 people on the day a product launches, and the process continues over and over... week after week...

Why can't your product be in that rotation?  "It just isn't fair!"

You know what?  I learned at a very young age that you don't want to be in that club.  When you get stuck in one of these "syndicates" ... people will promote YOU but now you're obligated to promote other peoples' products, even if they're similar to yours or even not that great.

Even if you apply this on a smaller scale... like you mail for one person if he mails to you, you will probably still lose.  A lot of marketers will use their sublists of freebie buyers to promote your stuff... meanwhile you mail for the other guy using your small list of BUYERS... and whatever hard work you've done to acquire those buyers is out the window.

That's because your buyers will end up on that other guy's list, and he'll have no reason to get you to promote anymore, plus those buyers of yours will be much less responsive since that other guy is marketing to them now.

So, myth #3 is you don't necessarily need "affiliates" ... you just need a source of traffic. Getting affiliates and joint ventures to promote is an easy way to get a lot of traffic fast but you can do it without being stuck in ad swap hell.You can take one of your short reports and give it to the guy as a ridealong bonus to include in his products... now he's indebted to you.

You can make a blog post for him to add content and value to his blog... now he's indebted to you.

Even if you don't use joint ventures for traffic, there are even more sources.  I built my list up to where it is today by posting special offers in forums.  I create a product, make a special discount or added value just to the visitors of that specific forum, and post a new one every week.  So every week I was making a handful of sales and getting more buyers on a list.

Don't let traffic be the thing that holds you back from finishing a product.  That's fear of failure and you know how I feel about that... I don't tolerate it.  Get that product finished FIRST so you can focus on landing some joint ventures and affiliates, posting forum special offers, and sending out articles and videos for promotion.

Wow, only two product creation myths left to knock out of the park!  Can you handle the final two?  Comment below to let me know if you can handle it!

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  1. This is another example of how your blog posts differ from those of other marketers.

    You offer concrete advice on how to take specific little steps that lead to success.

    Many other marketers seem to drone on about the latest products they want you buy – and as you suggest, often it is someone else’s product they are pushing.

    With them, I find myself asking, “What’s in this for me?” and not finding a clear answer.

    In other words, I come here to learn and to be motivated to take action. I read the newsletters and blog posts of others when I have trouble falling asleep.

    Focusing on finishing the product and not allowing yourself to worry about getting traffic before the product is finished is gold.

  2. BoonKwee says:

    That’s a refreshing viewpoint on the subject. And I particularly like your accept no excuse for product creation approach.

    Two more myths to go? Keep them coming!

  3. Dennis Barakos says:

    Great points here! I especially like the part about how the other guy will more than likely end up taking advantage of you, and not really promoting to his best buyers,

  4. Jeff Bode says:

    Robert I see what your saying about feeling obligated to promote for other people – nobody wants to promote a ‘poor product’ or a product that is too close to your own…

    I’m going to take your approach to getting traffic when I release my next product…

    Can’t wait for the next 2!

  5. Refreshing viewpoint on how to build the super-affiliate relationships by giving them content they can use. That in itself will, over time, increase your own list with higher quality subscribers. It also cuts down on the offer battering on the lists with all the launch emails; helps one stand out from the “give me your money” crowd.

    It’s all in the relationship all the way around!

    Thanks! 🙂

  6. Liz Tomey used viral marketing to build a majority of her online empire.

    I love the fact that you sell to build your list I was thinking of doing giveaway events but your tip sounds way cooler to the bottom line 🙂

    Not sure how those super affiliates think about big pimping on the ad-swap scene, guess they all feel their products are of the highest value thus everyone should feel privileged to break bread lol.

  7. Amin says:

    Don’t let traffic be the thing that holds you back from finishing a product.

    Nothing should hold you back from finishing a product. At the very least, if you complete a product you’ll have learned a great deal, even if it never sells.

    I remember a lesson that my niece was taught in a pressured sales environment. The lesson was that “every no takes you one step nearer to a yes”.

    I’d agree and update it to “every failure brings you one step closer to success”. The only real way to fail is never to do anything.


  8. Jonathan says:

    Interesting idea Robert – I hadn’t thought of it that way before, but it makes sense.

  9. Archie Mitra says:


    This is definitely out-of-the-box thinking. I like it a lot, especially the part about posting special offers to forum members.

    Thanks for the tip.

  10. Thanks for removing yet another “fear factor” that keeps some people from succeeding online. 🙂

  11. Ruddy Ortiz says:

    Powerful insight Robert!

    What you explained is the exact thing I experienced not too long ago working with bigger Marketers than me.

    It left me with a bad taste in my mouth and a less responsive list.

    When I changed my perspective and focused on exchanging other more leverageable forms of valuable assets (i.e report,s audios, videos, etc.) it created a different experience for everyone involved.

    And focusing on streams of traffic that you have better control over is good too.

    What you shared is strategic thinking at it’s finest.

    Thanks for sharing with the rest of us! 🙂

  12. You most definitely do NOT need a bunch of affilates to do a product launch.

    Even a great Warrior special offer will sell in the thousands per day…

    If you want to make millions from a product launch then affiliates will help.

    Those who blame others are doomed to failure regardless what they are bitching about.

    If you want to get famous and buiuld an army of JV’s then just do it. Simple.

  13. Wayne Cochrane says:

    Great post Robert!

    I feel relieved.

    I will institute the forum offers.



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