Roboform: Software Program That Gives You 120 Extra Hours Per Year?

Wouldn't it be cool if there was a software program out there, that can save you 20 minutes a day (which frees up five days per year?)

There is, and you might already be using it.

It's called Roboform.

Roboform remembers your passwords and makes it so you can login to all your favorite web sites with one click.

Even if you don't have to rummage around for that password, the act of typing in that password -- even if it's just for a few seconds -- and waiting for the page to load... adds up very quickly if you visit several sites each day like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, forums, Gmail...

So one day you can save 20 minutes a day RIGHT NOW is to install Roboform.

Want to save 21 minutes a day instead of 20 minutes a day? That means you gain 126 extra hours a year instead of a measly 120.

Just use ONE PERCENT of the advice I give you in my "100 Timesavers" report... and you'll get 6 hours.

Then use one more to get another 6 hours.  Over and over.

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  1. Britt Malka says:

    I used Roboform years ago, when I still was a windows-user. Now, one of my time savers are a Mac. I know people say they never have problems with Windows, but I had. Lots!

    On my Mac, I use a similar program, called 1Password. I have it on my iPhone, too. It’s a great timesaver.

    Another one is Typinator. I use it both for huge pieces of text, which I can call forth by a single word or code, and to remember things like my API for WordPress.

    A third time saver for me is LittleSnapper. I use screendumps all the time, and I snap them, and upload them by another click to one of the FTP servers, I’ve added, and then I automatically get the link to the picture on my clipboard.

  2. I agree, Robert. Your 100 timesavers are fantastic. 🙂

    I use Lazarus instead of RoboForm. I can’t remember what it was that messed up when I tested RoboForm, or maybe it was because I went over to Linux at one point that I “forgot” RoboForm, but Lazarus serves me very well.

  3. Roboform has been part of my routine for a couple years now. The only thing about passwords that frustrate me now are the ones (like my bank) where there are two layers of logging in – the user name, then another screen where you have a validation image and a passcode. That doesn’t seem to work well with Roboform so I just have it memorized. I cannot imagine doing life without Robofrom. And it helps to have the mobile version.

  4. Sounds like my kind of time-saver! I’m forever looking up passwords.

    Thanks, Robert, I’ll want to check this out. I heard about Roboform a couple of years ago and didn’t scope it out at that time.

    Appreciate the reminder,

  5. Thomas says:

    After asking different IMer’s how they keep track of their passwords and web sites this seems the most practical as long as it is secure. I don’t know much about this product but I like the idea. I am looking at one other product to put it on and that would be an IronKey thumb drive. To make it portable if you have multiple computers.
    Bought your 100 Ways to save time. Thank you for finally making is easy to see, helps to put into action.
    Now if you will excuse me, I am off the the movies with my better half.

  6. andreea says:

    I love Roboform. I have noticed Robert in your classes, that when you go to login on a password protected site, Roboform jumps out of nowhere and logs you in. How do you set it to do that? It seems that I have to manually do that every time. Same with saving the new passwords… Maybe you can help me with that.


  7. I would have thrown out my computer a long time ago without roboform – glad you finally converted…LOL

  8. Robert Plank says:

    Terrie, you’re so right! Not only does it make up for tons and tons of time here and there… I didn’t realize how freaking aggravating it was typing passwords every time.

    Now if only I could figure out Roboform for iPhone, I wouldn’t have to type in a password again, ever.

  9. HelenRappy says:

    I will have to check this out. Jeanne Kolenda was telling me all about it at the last AM2 event in LA. It hasn’t been much of a challenge for me because my computer remembers me and I don’t need my passwords very often.. if I did I have them all saved on a word doc on my computer and can get to them very easily.

    I need to consider roboform more for the safety factor of others getting into my sights, is that correct?

    Thanks for always sharing such great information!


  10. Alex says:

    Great software, I’m using it.

  11. Josef Mack says:

    I agree. I’ve been using it for over a year now, and even though I type pretty fast it is still a huge, did I say huge time saver.

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