001: Start an Internet Business on Autopilot

I'm starting my own podcast (which means an online radio show) and the first episode is called "How to Start an Internet Business on Autopilot." Topics covered:

  • why internet marketing?
  • webinars & membership sites
  • how to build a real business you can be proud of
  • how wake up to a pile of money every morning
  • return of podcasting & blogging
  • THOUGHT OF THE DAY: why slow down?
  • programming & systems (100 articles)
  • interview me on your show, be a guest on my show, or just ask a question
  • strategies vs tactics
  • niche, optin page, sequence, sales letter, membership site, blog

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  1. Ian Dixon says:

    Amazon is problematic from a marketing point of view.
    They geo-target so they send you to the country that you are in yet you get no commission on sales that way.
    I have 3 Amazon Associates accounts so i in theory have to send people from different countries to different sites. Then there are the other Amazon sites too which I dont have an Associates account.

  2. Kenny says:

    Hi Robert,
    Do you have a feed for your podcast so I can set it up in my podcatcher? That way I can automatically download your newest episodes (and also listen at faster the 1x speed – so it’s more efficient :-))

  3. Anupinder says:

    url link to the podcast please Robert,

  4. tom armstrong says:

    Great start to the series!!
    Look forward to more podcasts.

  5. Robert Plank says:

    Hi everyone,

    I was just waiting on iTunes to approve it. You can now subscribe by clicking the link above that says…

    Click Here to Subscribe to “The Robert Plank Show” on iTunes

    You’ll also be able to search my name in iTunes in a couple of days and it will show up… pretty cool stuff!

  6. David Bibby says:

    Can’t wait to hear it! I’m just now starting to record my first video and getting the mechanics down for that.

    One thing I’ve always admired about you is your high energy when you’re doing a webinar or a training video… you never sound monotonous like my first recording appears to be.

    Good luck on the series and I will be subscribing right away!

  7. Richard says:

    Oh no, now I’m supposed to do podcasts? What next? Arrggghhhh!!!!!

    Great stuff Robert 🙂

    @David Bibby, do a couple of trial runs for tech purposes, then make a ‘live’ run for family and friends to listen to. That way you’ll get a bit of feedback along with some practice, and maybe a few laughs 🙂

  8. Kenny says:

    What’s your actual podcast feed? I don’t use itunes for podcasts.

  9. Robert Plank says:


    I’ve added that link to the post as well.

  10. Happy Birthday 2 day.

    The only 28th Birthday you will ever have…..maybe.

    No iTunes, cell phones don’t work where I live…..so live without…

  11. rony says:

    how to use podcast & itunes?

  12. brian says:

    Laptop recommendation? I want to get into internet marketing. I’m semi-homeless but need to purchase a laptop in the neighborhood of 400-600 dollars max. Do
    you have any suggestions? Thanks!

  13. Robert Plank says:

    Hi Brian,

    1. I would get an Acer Aspire One (300 bucks, 1 GB ram, 300 GB hard drive, 8 hours of battery)

    2. Register yourself on Fiverr, oDesk, and the Warrior Products & Services directory for “some” in-demand skill you can provide. In-demand skills: article writer, article rewriter, blogger, membership site creator, copywriter, programmer.

    3. Actively bid on as many jobs on these sites to get paid and build a portfolio

    4. List whatever you can for sale on Craigslist and eBay to get yourself some financial breathing room and fix your living situation

  14. Aaron Dwyer says:

    Nice podcast, subscribed with iTunes. Aaron

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