013: Create and Sell Software on the Internet

If you've ever thought about creating and selling software in your niche but don't know a single line of code... or, if you've been wondering how to gain an advantage over your competitors (authors, speakers, coaches, and information marketer) then look no further to creating your own simple software.

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It's a lot easier, faster, and cheaper than you might think, and I want to tell you all about it in today's EXTENDED LENGTH edition of the Robert Plank Show. Topics covered:

  • The secrets of creating a "simpleware" 1-button solution to vaccinate your sales against your competition
  • Why you'll sell a lot more copies of your software product (hint: this works in any niche) compared to selling information (it's all about the live demo)
  • The four types of software ideas including: a better solution to an existing problem (webinar service that uses S3, Twilio transcription service), simplify an existing process (WordPress screen capture plugin), combine multiple solutions (WP Security plus, podcast creation app, Kindle/CreateSpace/Kunaki cover generator), add-on to your existing product (Setup a Fan Page fangate & artwork creator, WordPress desktop installer, content feed service)
  • How you too can create and sell your own software even if you can't code, no matter niche you're in... for example: real estate (mortgage calculator, listings tracker, geotargeted landing pages), weight loss (30 day meal plan, calorie counter, juicing log), self help (time management clock, mad libs productivity hypnosis)
  • How to create a software spec -- no matter what kind of software you're creating -- that forces you to make "tough" decisions early (in plain English), decide what platform (i.e. web-based membership site, WordPress plugin, Adobe Air, iPhone app), data structure, user stories, and limits your initial features (in a good way)
  • How to hire the right person to create your software including interview questions, the "whittling down" method, mini-projects, along with the exact "avatar" you'd want to hire in your business
  • How to launch your software product in a marketplace such as the Apple App Store Android Store, Clickbank, Download.com, etc.
  • And more!

Please listen and leave a comment below.

P.S. Any "unhelpful" comments about the length of the podcast, whether you do or don't like music in the podcast, whether you prefer PDF reports to podcasts, will be deleted. However, any positive OR NEGATIVE comments will be left here as long as they helpfully contribute to the conversation.

P.P.S. Once I get 10 comments on this post, I'll attach the PDF transcript for your personal reference.

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Comments (20)

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  1. Eddie says:

    Hey Robert, I’m really enjoying this podcast! I’ve made mistakes while hiring people to develop software in the past. This is great stuff. Thanks, Eddie

  2. I think it’s great that you’re covering this topic and pretty much baring your business for others to copy. That takes some stones, Truly. Nice job and thanks for doing it. I’ve been in the business for a long, long time and it’s a fun business to be in, especially since WordPress is out there now it’s a great platform to launch products on and in.

    Thanks Dude.

    Michael “DocMurdock” Murdock

  3. Edsel says:

    I have been trying to do this but have not info around, its great Robert shared this.
    I’m always enjoying your post. Keep it coming. I’m a fan of your BACKUP CREATOR,
    great software.

    Your the man.

  4. Carl Dickens says:

    Hey Robert.
    Well, this is a subject that I can identify with. My J.O.B is a engineering/software consultant and I am always writing little quick codes to help the customer. In many companies there is a need for some tool that can quickly calculate or perform some menial, but necessary task quickly.

    As for me, other than writing for a specific customer, the need to get an app written for a specific platform (android, iphone) and getting it to market is the hardest part.

    Great post and Thanks

  5. Kirk Ward says:

    Timely podcast Robert … I conceptualized my own “killer” product a couple of days ago and this is a just in time podcast.

  6. Ken says:

    Great Podcast, I think the length is perfect

  7. John Davis says:

    I never considered myself equipped to create software, but you have framed the process in a different light. Simple, 1-click programs are the way to go for me and the consumer. I’m in!


  8. Lana Hawkins says:

    One key to success in any kind of outsourcing including software development is being really specific on what your final project will be/is. I’ve spec-ed out projects for houses, internet stuff and OEM car products (in my life as an engineer). The better your plan the better your results. And if you change your mind mid-stream you could be in for delays and cost increases.

    So pay attention to the software specs. It’s really important.

  9. Steve Frew says:

    Very helpful tip on screening applicants.

    Thanks for the 12 test elements.

  10. Laurie Mills says:

    Hi Robert,
    As usual you have made another great Podcast.

    Your information is very useful and will make life a bit easier for anyone that listens to you.

    This is worth a bit of time to implement.

  11. Cararta says:

    Listening while I work….

    Backup Creator is a Jewel.

    I’m so no tech it is pitiful, but I can use it.

    There is something I don’t know how to do and know a lot of other
    people who don’t know how either.

    Maybe a Goal or Direction?

    A Better solution for an existing problem. There isn’t a solution
    that I have been able to find.

  12. Bert says:

    I can’t believe the amount of information in this episode! No chit chat…all useful and educational. I finally downloaded it so I can take notes at my own speed. I want to make podcasts, too, but I don’t know as much about any subject to talk that much. You are a wealth of information! Your hiring advice for outsourcing is priceless. And it’s inspiring to know I could create small softwares. They don’t all have to be a huge project. Your WPNotepad is a great example of a very cool utility.
    Thank you for revealing so much to us. (I look forward to the pdf transcript, too.)

  13. Dale Maxwell says:

    Excellent, valuable content (as expected)
    Thanks so much


  14. Ron Chamberlain says:

    Good podcast Robert. Gave me a few ideas. Thanks

  15. Sumaya says:

    Thanks Robert, this is great advice.

  16. Philip says:

    Intriguing concepts. You always push the boundaries in an uplifting manner! Thank you.

  17. Mk Akan says:

    Great podcast Robert,

    fortunately, I finally created my first WordPress plugin last January.I hired an Indian coder for $300 on Odesk.

    It was a great learning process for me.I made some mistakes along the process and that is why i paid more…but all in all ,i am very happy about it.

    My advice…when hiring a coder …write out every single thing you want on your plugin or software in doc and mail to coder.

    create images , videos or show him or her already existing pages or products that you want to make a better version of or you want to modify.

    I have many other ideas i intend to develop.

    Before now , i had these one fear …

    1. My ideas will be stolen

    You know what …no one will steal your idea.

    programmers are just programmed to program.

    So when you are posting the ad on Odesk , don’t reveal all you want to do…(other developers may read up your idea)…when you hire the coder…give him or her all the details.

    This audio has revealed other things i can do to build more softwares.


  18. Mk akan says:

    Hi robert,i have a question. Now i have this plugin done when i create version 2 with more features how will customers get the updates. Is there some code to be added to the first version. Please how is it done. Thanks

  19. Your Papertemplate product is how I got to know you Robert. It is excellent and from there i’ve purchased Podcast Crusher and Make a Product. You’re very good at what you do and have got me really involved in focusing better on how to help people with product creation.


  20. Debbie says:

    I’ve had ideas for little programs I could offer with one of my product packages in the past, but never even knew if it was possible to create it. This is a wealth of information and easy to understand. Very helpful to learn how to hire the right programmer for the job.

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