015: Run a Webinar Class to Create Instant Products and Make Recurring Money Online Using GoToWebinar, Camtasia, and PowerPoint

If you want to make a nice bundle of money online in a short amount of time, without doing a lot of work, and help the largest number of your customers at the same time, then you need to run a webinar class. I started doing this in 2008 (the same year I bought my house), more than doubled my online income the following year AND quit my job just a few shorts months after I started doing webinars...

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Do you like the sound of getting paid for a product before you create it? What about making $497 or $997 per sale instead of a measly $5, $10, or $20? Today we're going to cover how you can use this thing called a live webinar to create information products that make you money before you create them, as you create them, after you create them, and over and over again.

As someone who wants to make money from the information you have, this is the best, the fastest and the most profit-producing way to make money from your knowledge and create these things called information products. Topics covered:

  • The exact steps you need to take today to go from idea to a real life rapid product launch
  • The secret to modularizing your upcoming course (that way it's easy, fast, and fun for you to create -- PLUS your customers get quick and massive results from your training -- so they'll buy from you over and over again)
  • My personal secret to customer engagement, retention, and results that most product creators miss -- but now you have the secret weapon
  • How to run a webinar business so it doesn't take up any longer than 1-hour per week

Check it out right now! This is a "normal-length" episode so you can listen to it even if you're a hurry, this is perfect timing for you if you're sitting on the fence about joining our upcoming Webinar Crusher class and need one last thing to push you over the edge...

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  1. Karl Dallas says:

    Very interesting, but spread rather thin. Like most US lecturers, you spend a lot of time getting to the main thrust of your argument, instead of highlighting main bullet points and then addressing them seriatim.
    I don’t need to be told how clever you are. I wouldn’t be bothering with you if you were an idiot. But I’m a busy guy and need you to cut to the chase.

  2. Robert and Lance have the best ”to the point” training that I’ve ever seen. They make everything into an easy to follow system that gets results. If anyone is on the fence or if you need to borrow the money to do this, beg, borrow, or find a way to do this, you’ll be glad you did…

  3. Miguel says:

    Great podcast. Excellent tips, ideas and suggestions about product creation.
    I am looking forward to your workshop with Lance in June in SLC!

  4. Rick Figley says:

    I like what you have here and how you lay everything out. Much of it I know, though approach, execution and the strategy makes for good tips on putting into action:) It’s a guerrilla marketing approach, which I learned about 20 years ago, market and sell for free or very little and only create that which is already sold. Great Concept. Couple questions though. I use a screen recorder called ZDsoft which I’ve used for years for about $50 or $60 bucks. Not quite as fancy as Camtasia (doesn’t show cursor highlighter or Zoom in, though Zoom-In can be edited in) wondering your feeling on that.

    I feel everything else you say here a good guide for what you’re speaking of. Thanks for this.

  5. Cathy Chapman says:

    My, my, Karl, hostile little character, aren’t you? If you had paid for this I could understand, but for free information?

    He gives excellent information… but I possibly recognize it because I actually honor what he does and have even bought some of his products. He lists the steps which he goes into great detail in his courses. If you took each sentence and then actually did it, you would be on your way. Me, I didn’t know enough until I got the courses and then learned how to do it myself.

    What have I bought: Podcastcrusher.com was my first. That led me to membershipcube.com. (If you get membership cube, podcaster is included). I just bought the webinarcrusher under its new format. I was getting ready to get in its previous incarnation but then he came out with this one.

    Anyway… Robert… thanks for the review. I had listened to the hour long webinar the other day before I bought webinar crusher. I wasn’t really planning on listening to this until I read Karl’s hostile comment. I wanted to see what I thought. Ignore him. He’s probably not a very happy guy since he enjoys sending stink-bombs… or maybe he’s just had a bad day and is really a nice guy.

  6. Jay says:

    I definitely like this idea for ensuring you will actually get paid for your time before really taking that much trouble with it. I’ve also impressed with using Paper Template, which is one of the recommended things you’d need to get your sales pages made in this method.

  7. Keith Davis says:

    Got a few ideas Testimonies are raving Sounds simple

    Lets get atter !

  8. Ced Reynolds says:

    Webinar classes are a great way to connect with subscribers and newcomers. People love to get educated. The better the presentation, the more loyalty is developed. Impending events work well at the end of every webinar session.

    Thanks for the content Robert. I’ve really been profiting from your tips.

    Ced Reynolds, Entrepreneurial Pastor
    Co-Founder of Mobile Marketing Training Academy

  9. Howard says:

    Not only are webinars effective, but I’ve found that Robert’s methods make them very achievable for me. Plus, I could pass up being #10 on the list and driving the transcript.

  10. I like the rule of three and the “how to” module set up.
    I have found out I have got it all wrong like Offering to much.
    I have held webinars where I have given away my information for free
    and never sold anything. How dumb is that.
    Thanks to Robert and Lances stuff its back to the drawing board for me.

  11. Thanks, Robert, for inspiring us to hold webinars on a regular basis. LIve webinars are truly powerful! 🙂

  12. There are a few ‘gurus’ that are now sharing practical information for free and it is so welcome. I have been wanting to know the best (or any reasonable) method to conduct webinars and now I have a blueprint. I have Paper Template so I am on my way in that regard.
    My guess is that Karl is just a frustrated fellow who wants to succeed, but is tired of being ‘sold’ the next shiny object and having someone take an hour to tell him about it. I kinda agree with Karl on that point some people are long winded, but not in this instance. I enjoyed the whole podcast and found it very useful.
    If I may provide some info that might be useful to people suffering from ‘Karl’ syndrome…I use a tool that speeds up almost all audio and video playback and I save a ton of time and I still get to listen and see everything. I can provide the name of the tool to Robert if asked.
    Anyway, to reiterate, great podcast, very useful and relevant information that I can put to use immediately, The 3 lead-ins to the monetized final event is a winner for me!

    Thanks Robert – much appreciated!

  13. Joshua says:

    Robert, you always give us all great information. There is allot of crap out there that I have personally paid for that gives you less information. I always try to be on any webinar you have, I always find something I did not learn from previous things. Any how if I just pick up one thing it was worth listening to, of course there are some of us that already know it all, lol. Keep up the great work and thanks for the FREE information

  14. Great info but I don’t feel I’m up to the pod caster level yet. When should I feel I know enough?

  15. Terence,

    I appreciate your comment above re: Karl and agree with you.

    Also I’d love to know the name of the software you use to speed up and slow down audio and video. I’ve been looking for that.


  16. Will Horton says:

    Great infocan’t wait for the class on the details I am pumped that I got in!

  17. In answer to a request from Columbia Jones the product I use is from Enounce and is called MySpeed. I have nothing to do with it other than being a user. However, let me say that it has saved me many, many hours of listening and watching time since I started to use it. It can’t do anything with live webinars of course, but almost anything recorded can be sped up and you have control over the speed 0 to x3. There may be other tools like it, but this is the one I found and it has paid for itself many times over.

    That being said, I am looking forward to Roberts next recording! 🙂

  18. Ileane says:

    Hey Robert, thanks for the tutorial. I like how you give us step by step instructions and you provide a list of tools we need as well. This is something I’ve really been thinking about doing and it’s a good idea to take advantage of the free trial with GoToMeeting to make enough money to pay for the monthly service.

  19. TMerksi says:

    Webinars are on my list of things to do down the road once I get more members. I really can’t see doing one with a limited number of people. I’m still in my formative years of membership site building. Thanks for the information though. I especially appreciate how you recommend the software and programs and tell how to use them most effectively.

  20. Chris says:

    Personal webinar tutorials or lectures or anything will greatly increase the worth of any membership or package deal. People want to view video these days, and being interactive? Gold. Thanks for the free report on how to do it best.

  21. Larry K. says:

    I think I’d be too chicken to actually do a webinar. You’d need a big audience to begin with to make it worth your while, I think. It’s getting to that point where I have my problems. Maybe something good for the future.

  22. Stephen says:

    Very great post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to mention that I’ve really enjoyed surfing around your weblog posts. In any case I will be subscribing in your feed and I am hoping you write once more soon!

  23. Debbie says:

    Not only will the webinar be a great draw, but a recording of it can become a product or add-on in itself! Once all the technical aspects are taken care of and figured out, this definitely sounds like a good thing to do for business.

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