019: How to Create an Email Followup System That Makes You Sales and Money on Automatic Pilot

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You'll discover:

  • Why most "product launch systems" don't really matter and what to do instead
  • The best way to reach your audience right now
  • The best way to avoid email list decay
  • How you're leaving money on the table and how to extract the hidden money from your list right now
  • How to do it all effortlessly and in no time at all!

Related question for you: what's your best tip when it comes to sending out a quick email to your list?

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  1. Philip Rees says:

    I like the way you cut through the fog of over information overload and get to the heart of what works and why. Value packed advice!

  2. kevin thomas says:

    What a great way to to stay engaged with your list PAINT, awesome concept Robert got to keep’em entertained..

  3. Howard says:

    I am rapidly becoming a convert to consistent daily emails. Yes, maybe in the short-run I could get a bump in unsubscribes but those guys weren’t going to buy anyway. Tough to keep in mind that marketing is at least as much a process of disqualification as it is one of qualification.

  4. John Templin says:

    Extremely useful podcast/information. I am going to start using the daily email idea. Thank you for such great content and advice.

  5. Sometimes it is frustrating trying to build a relationship with my list but I have found that if I can get to know one or two people it helps me write like I am writing to them and seems to help me bring out the “human element” . Robert’s technique of listing bullet point benefits in his blog post to encourage us to listen to the pod cast is very engaging, but the most useful for me are the transcripts that i can peruse and make annotations in.

    Tks Robert

  6. This stuff should be patented. The information available to me since I bought my first product from these guys is simply amazing. I have been taking courses and studying for a while now. Doing split tests on sites to determine if the techniques I have learned really work. I now have a handful of products from these guys. It was like a bright flash of light and reminds me of the scene in Despicable Me when he says “Light Bulb.” I was watching the webinar for the Money Machine product. Now I know how to use what I have in hand. I am sincerely interested in helping others to market their business and now I know how. I have a product and a course. Now I need to go to work. Thanks Robert and Lance

  7. Randy says:

    Robert thank you for this timely and very useful message. I work with a lot of local business owners and over the past few days I realized I need to start communicating with all of them ideas and concepts to help them market and grow their business. of course email is a great tool to use and you gave some great information and I will be implementing some of that within the next 48 hours and beyond. Thanks again.

  8. To figure out what to send to my list on an (almost) daily basis, I think of them as a friend. What’s happening in my life that relates to what’s happening in their life? It took some practice and there are still days when it’s not “easy”, but I try to give a small piece of me and turn that around to what they need. Then just include to their next logical step.

  9. Hi Robert…

    Here is my best tip for sending a quick email
    (although I mostly prefer to rely upon follow-up sequences)…

    Make the email ‘personal’ – link the content, somehow, to an event that happens in your life:
    * what my wife said in the morning;
    * a funny thing about my dogs;
    * an email I got from an angry/happy subscriber…

    That way, my audience is entertained, but at the same time they feel like they are part of MY large family…

    Hope it makes sense…

    Steve ? Master eMailSmith ? Lorenzo
    Chief Editor, eMail Tips Daily Newsletter

  10. Nancy says:

    The concept of sending out an email every day is appealing; it’s how to come up with all the ideas so that it’s still relevant, fresh, and useful to my readers — THAT is the dilemma. Not so easy. Oh and if I’m going to all this trouble, shouldn’t I also be making these emails do the work of selling my products and services too?

    So. Friendly and fresh content with useful ideas (on the one hand.) Offers to buy on the other hand. Mutually exclusive? Gosh I hope not. But EVERY day??? Seems like it’s a tall order that takes a lot of advance planning, or at least a system, to implement successfully.

    Would love to hear your thoughts about this.

    Thanks for always-great content Robert!

  11. Thanks, Robert. Big Lists + Daily Contact = SUCCESS!

  12. Laurie Mills says:

    Hi Robert

    Your subject today is what I really need to get up and running.
    Gat an Aweber account but got confused in what to do. Have to spend a bit more time on it. Got to get it working had over 10000 hits
    Congratulations on the weight lose, the website I have put here is a page with 100 weight loss tips, might be of some use. The stupid part here is there is no optin.

  13. joe says:

    I appreciate the tips and info to help me get my list building off of the ground with a good foundation.

  14. Lots of simple and clear ideas here – as usual. I like the ideas for what to send my list and as I get ready to launch a new product, I’ll be using the advice Robert gives so I can simplify my launch and just get it done!

  15. Wayne Gin says:

    Great tips here Robert. You have covered the email sequence and ideas which will engage with subscribers. I like Paint especially.. You rock !!

  16. Cararta says:

    Mail Every Day…

    something useful….

    Make Money!

  17. devam? says:

    Right, Robert’s technique of listing bullet point benefits in his blog post to encourage us to listen to the pod cast is very engaging, but the most useful for me are the transcripts that i can peruse!

  18. Destek says:

    Hey, Extremely useful podcast/information. I am going to start using the daily email idea. Thank you and regards from Turkey!

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