023: Become a Published Author This Week Using Kindle and CreateSpace

Check out this episode of the Robert Plank Show (podcast) where we discuss how you can become a self-published author this week using Kindle and CreateSpace. I've published six full-length paperback books using Amazon in just a few clicks by uploading a Word document and a cover graphic (designed by someone else for $5), and I honestly believe that for your business to survive long-term, you need a book to keep building your tribe and your list. Topics include:

  • The best way to discover your book's hook ("teaching" is not enough when publishing your book!)
  • What type of book is best for you (interview book, bathroom book, business card book, or sales letter book)
  • Secrets of the best selling book covers and listings
  • How to make that book completely unique in a way that no one else can copy it
  • How to generate more than enough content for your book in about an hour
  • How to promote your book once it's out there (this is what most people miss)
  • And more!

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  1. Really interesting concepts Robert! I enjoyed the podcast, but as a visual learner, I’m looking forward to getting a copy of the transcript!

    One of the things I love about you and Lance is that you cut out the fluff and break things down to their most basic elements, making complex concepts easy to understand so that people can start implementing!

    Thanks for all the idas!

  2. Nice considering it took me 8 months to complete “How to Double Your Local Business Sales Without Cold Calling”.

  3. Caleb says:

    Farhads comment alone speaks volumes. 8 months versus an hour makes this a no brainer yet still I too like Robert have been greatly procrastinating actually doing it.

  4. Although I’m not as fast as you and I’m just now learning to dictate without pain, you have inspired me to Get My Books DONE! I’ve published 3 since Product University in June, 2013 with another coming out shortly. On pace to do one Kindle with matching print book per month.

    Thank you! Keep telling and showing!

  5. Robert your podcasts are great! I can listen to them while I am working. Liked your different book ideas, I have done interviews for other projects, yet a book would be perfect especially since they can be recorded.

  6. J Freeman says:

    As usual your podcasts are 1st class and great information for setting up and running a top notch business. Thank You


  7. Philip Rees says:

    I contributed a chapter in a published volume of a series about success but wasn’t sure of what next. Now I am 😉 Thanks!

  8. Howard says:

    This method works. I followed this program and created a book that I am using for qualified lead generation. While I didn’t use Kindle/CreateSpace , the concept is sound for any print creation.

  9. Candace Chira says:

    I always love your information Robert. Thank you so much for another great episode. I hope you have a great birthday!

  10. Roger Haeske says:

    Thanks for the great tips on how to rapidly become a published author.

    I never realized how quick it could be. I have several products out there already that I could turn into quick books like that.

    Thanks Again,

    Roger Haeske
    The 46-Year Old Teanajer

  11. Heather says:

    Great concept. I’ve used it with Dragon Naturally Speaking to create my first book.

  12. kay says:

    Great episode …your podcasts are always so packed with content ….this is something I can always be building upon…even when I’m not sure of my next move on larger projects… and it still adds to the ultimate goal…thank you…and have an awesome birthday

  13. Deborah says:

    Robert, this is great stuff! I like what you said about my solution being the “just right” solution, which is a very effective way to frame the introduction and work from there. Thank you, again!

  14. Joshua says:

    Robert, another great episode. Keep up the good work, I really enjoy all your stuff. Always down to earth on your information. Thanks again.

  15. Judy Jackson says:

    Even though I know ‘the stuff’, I forget that I know it — use it or loose it. Every time I listen to one of your podcasts I get an “… oh yeah, I need to do that…” or a new idea which always gets me motivated. So guess what I’ll be working on today.

  16. Jeffrey Bush says:

    Your presentation in person and online is top notch and so is your products Robert. Looking forward to doing business with you as I would also like to publish some material soon. Great job!

  17. will says:

    Great info and I am glad to be a follower. I have redone my business due to your teaching and I look forward to more from you.
    this was great!

  18. Thanks for your podcast. It was a great reminder that publishing is a business and should be approached as such. A killer of last excuses for procrastinators !

  19. James says:

    Very good information. Thanks to you and Lance for all of the great information you provide!

  20. diane moss says:

    the podcast was packed with information that I can now go and implement. I am very excited , and now have a million ideas.


  21. John Antaya says:

    Great information Robert. I’m in the process of writing a book and you are helping to make it easier to accomplish.


  22. Roger says:

    Great information Robert. I’m in the process of writing my first book and your guidance has made what I once thought was impossible a reality. Thank you so much for your efforts to help those of us who dream of being published authors.

  23. Jen Kunkel says:

    Thanks Robert! Inspiring people to get their message out is awesome! I’ve been putting together a virtual event featuring authors for an audience of aspiring authors.

    The consensus from them seems to be to stay away from CreateSpace and get your own isbn numbers so you have more control. I agree that sometimes you just need to get it done the easiest way possible. The pursuit of perfection is futile. If details (or money) are getting in your way, just get it done!

  24. I am slowly starting to build up my own collection of short books for kindle. When I make enough money, I will get them converted into paperbacks. Here’s a link to the last book:


    Thanks for letting us drop in a link Robert and thanks for proving that it isn’t that difficult to get a book published. Almost anyone can do it.

    I have even gotten some new subscribers through the book.

  25. I have one book via Create Space and 3 Kindle books… two are also in hard copy. I’m working with a group in writing fiction to publish on Kindle and am having a great time. It’s amazing how easy it is when you just schedule yourself and do it.

  26. Jim Thorpe says:

    Thanks Robert! I’ve been noodling for far too long on the book I’m writing… this podcast gave me a swift kick in the pants & I spent a good part of the weekend bringing it back into the light of day again. Thanks…

  27. John Chang says:

    Attending Ryan Deiss’ ePub West back in April, I was told to drop my ideas for a 2nd book on buying / selling businesses and focus on marketing my 1st platform around field inspections – that I’m sitting on top of a $500k business, etc.

    Fast fwd to 6 months or so later.. I must be doing something wrong because in spite of various marketing efforts – SEO, YouTube & so on, sales aren’t going anywhere.. yes, I wrote my Kindle ebook to really sell online training. But, no, I’ve only gotten very limited results.

    At what point did you decide it was time to write that 2nd book, Robert?

  28. Stephen Bray says:


    I have only one book currently on Kindle, although a second is in preparation and a third pretty much planned.

    My strategy isn’t to populate Kindle with lots of short ‘How To’ guides, but rather to publish authoritative works on my subject. I work with others as part of this approach, for example I engage with qualified experts to write forewords, and also quote from these in the publicity blurb.

    Mine is not an uber-popular niche, although the larger topic to which it belongs is huge. For this reason this is a slowly catchee monkey strategy in which credibility builds over a few years as part of other strategies.

    The way I’m going isn’t for everyone, and probably takes too long for most of your readers.

    I’ll let you know how I get on.


    P.S. I wrote the draft of my book in just a week, but it took 4 months to get on line because the others, such as my editor, are very busy people 🙂

  29. Conrad Hall says:

    Hi Robert,

    Thank you for putting the podcast together. Dictating is definitely the fastest way to get a book drafted. I’m fortunate to work with a transcriptionist who also does first-level edits.

    A question about covers – I need to put two covers together now as part of meeting with prospective sponsors and strategic partners. Each book is the foundation for a series.

    Question: Do you think it matters much if the cover changes between now and publication?

    Everyone knows the titles are working titles, and I’ll them the covers are concepts. So my inclination is to think it won’t matter much, but a second opinion is welcome.

    Thank you.

    Conrad Hall

  30. Olaf Weiland says:

    Hi Robert, I like your approach and did my first book today.before that I tried Dragon naturally speaking.it worked fine with me but your system is much faster.
    Regards from Germany.

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