029: Productivity Hacks of the Ultra-Successful

Tune in to today's Robert Plank Show podcast to figure out how to get more in less time, enjoy what you do and easily get everything done that you need to make money... topics covered...

  • Are you Kanye West or William Shatner? (huge distinction in your marketing)
  • How to separate out your sparks, maintenance tasks, and money generating activities
  • The only time management system that's worked for me (hint: it involves throwing out your whiteboard and your to-do list)
  • The real secret to creating a lot of money making "stuff" (batching)
  • And more

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So be sure to listen to today's podcast episode and leave a quick comment below answering me this:

"What's your BEST productivity hack to get more out of your day?"

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  1. Annie Marie Peters says:

    Great podcast! I have to admit: I’ve been getting tired of my to-do lists that never get done. Thanks for fresh ideas!

  2. Alison says:

    I always carry a notebook and a netbook so if I find myself waiting for my kids or for someone else I always have something to write on whether it be an article, ideas for a podcast whatever. Even if I go to a coffee bar they come with me.

  3. Nick Morris says:

    As a software developer, I have to work for 2-3 hours of a continuous session, so between two sessions I take 15-20 minutes break and listen some good music on my Sennheiser headphone or do some juggling or some outdoor sports but not any tech thing or gadgets or mobile. It will make your mind away from work and give you energy to work for next session.

  4. Hi Robert and Lance… I take a 30-minute break in between 80-minute focused work sessions. This allows me to recharge.

  5. Jeff Robinson says:

    I like to do all my “maintenance” tasks for my blog first thing in the morning. I get that out of the way then I can focus on creating new content and searching the web for keyword s that are trending. If I start to feel overwhelmed by my work I take a walking break to clear my head. I also take my iphone everywhere with me so I can handle any tasks that need to be done even if I’m not at home on my computer. There are lots of apps that have made my life easier, too many to name! I always seem to work better when I’m not feeling overwhelmed and stressed so I make sure I get those breaks in!

  6. Philip Rees says:

    Best investment I made in productivity was to join you 3 years back in Time Management on Crack. That and taking a power break every 10 minutes in 60 to keep mentally fresh no matter what I’m doing.

  7. Mike Cross says:

    I always try to get the hardest thing out of the way or the task that I think will take me the longest. If I can get that task out of the way first, it makes the remaining part of my day that much smoother.

  8. Lawrence Mills says:

    Glad William Shatner got a good rap, Kayne West is a load of c-ap!

    You are right about all of the notes that one takes, most are never looked at again in the proper context or ever.

    Being busy doing nothing is the worst habit that one gets involved with, breaking this habit should be your first priority. Not easy but getting there, slowly!!!!!

    You are only fooling yourself by thinking you are working hard doing this and that which only amounts too nothing being done to improve your business or your financial position (empty bank account).

    Great post Robert and thanks for the kick in the pants, lol.

  9. Tammy says:

    I like to go to the gym at lunch time to recharge my battery and clear my head. I’m usually up at 5:30 am every morning so I have a great jump start on the day and my the time lunch rolls around, I’m ready to destress and get back to work.

  10. William says:

    Hello Robert, lots of good responses from the comments. My best productivity hack is to take the hardest task that needs done for the day and just do it. Brian Tracey calls this “Eating your frog” because if you eat the frog first the rest of the day is going to be easy.

    For me generally when it comes to blogging it is finding keywords for content. This is the most time consuming area of blogging. I get distracted and have to force myself to focus on the task to get it done in under 30 minutes.

    I don’t know about you, most of the time I go in with a subject and end up changing the subject because of what people are searching for.

    Time management on crack has made it to my must read every year. I also listen to the mp3’s at least once month. Fantastic product. This should be a hoe study course.
    Hint, hint.

  11. David Ashton says:

    Robert’s right about the brain and pretty much everything else in this podcast. In the end it is up to each and every one of us to retrain our brains and forget about the non income producing activities. Easier said than done but with the right goals….anything is possible.

  12. I’m careful about what I’ll commit to doing.

    Most of our lives are wasted doing things we never should have started in the first place.

    Sometimes being productive means having plenty of time to do things that are really important to you.

  13. Polly Valentine says:

    I have read “4 Daily Tasks”, and found it to be beneficial to my overall productivity. I knew from the outset that anything that works requires maintenance to continue working, and I think it is because of this mindset that 4 Daily Tasks continues to work for me today. Everyone who upon getting their desired results gave up on the 4 Daily Tasks system, would then revert to their old ways…

  14. Susan Richards says:

    I admit that I am one of the workaholics that you mentioned in your videos, and quite frankly, it comes down to the fact that I really do enjoy the feeling of at least believing that I have gotten a lot done. However, the truth almost always is that whilst I thought I had achieved and completed a lot of my tasks, in reality they are either completed to a poor standard or generally done in twice the time it would normally take. I hope that I can learn to take breaks as you’ve suggested, and hopefully see my work-a-lot and get very little done habits disappear.

  15. Joe Mercer says:

    Facebook has been my biggest productivity killer. I used to think to myself that it would be fine to check my updates and newsfeed for just a moment or two, but of course as always, the next thing I know I’ve been watching videos/browsing through my old photos/goofing around for upwards of three hours. I don’t even notice the time go by! I think that my best productivity hack would be to designate a timeframe for when I can go on Facebook and other social media sites, but outside of that timeframe I am not to go near them.

  16. Millie Young says:

    The longest time I have ever spent solidly working is around 13 hours, and even then I noticed that after around 5 hours I was completely brain dead. I found myself actually typing the same sentence over and over again without even realising, and spending a lot of time getting nothing really completed. From then on I learned to not only take breaks, but frequently enough so that I could remain properly focused and refreshed.

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