037: What is Your Magic Trick? (This Should Change Your Copywriting, Webinars, Sales Letters and Membership Sites Forever)

Urgent Warning! Don't script your podcasts, blog posts, or webinar pitches... do "THIS" instead! (explained in today's Robert Plank Show)...

  • How to make more sales and money and present your sales message with almost zero "prep time"
  • Sell the sizzle and not the steak (and NOT the big box of crap)
  • Exactly why our course launch about a "3 million word" transcription system flopped, but a "3 minute solution" fixed everything and more
  • Teach long division, sell the calculator: you don't need 5 minutes to explain your product or course... AND... you can probably make all the sales you need in about 20 minutes... tune in to find out how!

Visio Diagram From Hell:


Siri vs. Cortana commercial:


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