038: Sell a Complete Course (Info-Product Creation & Membership Sites)

Check out today's exciting edition of the Robert Plank Show to find out why some people seem to make all the money and others don't -- and of course quickly apply it to your own online business...

  • QUICK THOUGHT #1: no one wants to buy tips or tid-bits
  • QUICK THOUGHT #2: gang members make $3/hr (Freakonomics) -- you're not going to get just "one big break"
  • QUICK THOUGHT #3: You need an Income Machine (niche, website, optin page, autoresponder, blog, sales letter, membership site, traffic) -- just YouTube, Twitter, podcasting isn't going to cut it (it's just traffic that points back to your Income Machine)

Eight Components to Selling a Complete Course

  1. Eat your own dog food (actually use what you sell, i.e. if you're selling an article marketing course, at least have a handful of articles under your name)
  2. Magic trick -- even in the course, something cool that only takes 2 minutes (think Siri or GPS)
  3. End goal
  4. Milestones
  5. Coaching upsell
  6. Templates
  7. Checklist
  8. Case study

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