039: Scanning, Thrifting, Sourcing & Private Labeling (Using Fulfilled by Amazon FBA Seller Dropshipping)

Check out today's Robert Plank Show (podcast) where we talk about making money using Amazon... no, I'm not talking about Amazon's affiliate program, Kindle, CreateSpace, or WebStores... this is their Amazon Seller Central program or Fulfilled by Amazon where you can sell any item they have in their catalog (such as books or cookware) OR create your own "gadget" that you buy for pennies and sell for tens of dollars all day long...

Productivity Corner

Those four things you completed today, how much money did they make you?


  • Don't compare your insides to the outsides of others (your "behind the scenes" vs. their "highlight reel") and beware of someone who never shares their struggles & roadblocks (the most interesting part)
  • Have an abundance mindset, not scarcity (be careful about bitterness & jealousy) -- there's room for all of us to make money
  • Cycle through 4DT, accountability partner, calendar, countdown timer, Camtasia babysitter

Feature Presentation (Amazon FBA)

Yes, private labeling with Amazon FBA still works if you live outside the United States because you can send your shipping label to your supplier and they can mail directly into Amazon's warehouse...

  • Your first sale: list a $0.01 used book plus shipping as a Merchant Fulfilled item
  • Scanning & thrifting: Visit Kmart, BigLots, Walmart, Costco with the special iPhone app and find something listed on Amazon for 3x what you pay, send shipments in (Fulfilled by Amazon)
  • Sourcing/private labeling: find their supplier, get UPC code, samples, break even on sales while you grow the ads and reviews, then increase the price for a profit
  • CLOSING THOUGHTS: If people are making things too complicated for you, they haven't achieved mastery

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