Secret Amazon Income

Many of the things you buy on Amazon aren't sold by Amazon. They're either mailed from regular sellers just like you (kind of like eBay but faster and more civilized), and even many times if you get an item with that 2-day "Prime" shipping, it mails out of Amazon's warehouse but the item (crackers, light bulbs, computer monitor) is "owned" by someone else (anyone can be an Amazon seller)

How To Make Your First Sale Online

Register an Amazon seller account, find an old book in your house you won't use anymore, "list" that book for sale (you can type any UPC code into what you want to list) for 0.01 plus 4.99 shipping.

If it doesn't sell, no harm done, if it does sell, Amazon gives you a label, you put this in a small box, make a dollar or two profit

1000 per Month Formula

Go into your local Walmart, Kmart, BigLots, Costco, Sam's Club, scan barcodes with the iPhone app until you find something that sells for 3x on Amazon compared to the "discount" price at this store. Tell Amazon what items you're sending in and what price you're charging (you'll match the lowest) price -- you'll outsell most other sellers because they're shipping from home with "slow" shipping... your stuff will be sent out of Amazon's warehouse.

Once it's on its way to Amazon your job is done, Amazon takes the orders, mails out the items, and sends you money...

Private Labeling

Find a decent selling item (we have criteria and it's usually not something on the 1st or 2nd page)... find their supplier in China (easy to do when you click around), get some samples, create your own listing for this product, buy a SMALL order from them and get them to mail it into Amazon's warehouse. Make your first few sales, run Amazon ads and get reviews... replenish your inventory... pretty simple.

Simple UNLESS you get stuck in this or that Amazon screen, or mess up your ads, product listing, choose the wrong product, or get a bunch of inventory you can't sell and lost money on... you want to avoid this by instead following the instructions in our Dropship CEO course...

For example, if you're outside the US, there's an easy way to get started with Amazon and it involves getting a US bank account (which you can do even if you're not in the US)...

What you do with this information and your own results are up to you. But this is a method of selling that doesn't require your own website, list, or joint ventures and it actually scales unlike most internet businesses...

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Unlike "those" PowerPoint courses or slow-paced courses, we actually set this all up in front of you and get you to do it as well, including lots of goodies like our "feedback getting" software (boosts your Amazon ranking) which no one else has. And it closes in just a couple days, so I'm looking forward to you joining it TODAY.

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