042: Finish Now, Revise Later (How To Actually Get the Results and Income You Want in Your Internet Marketing Business)

Tune in today (in fact, right now) to discover how to "get your head on straight!" Get your business built up to the level you want, as fast as you want, while you're excited each and every day and growing bigger and bigger every day...

Someone who hates you normally hates you for one of three reasons:
1. They see you as a threat
2. They hate themselves
3. They want to be you

Today's program is going to be very different than the normal format because we're going to jump around between real money-making case studies, mindset, mistakes I've made and the things YOU PERSONALLY can do to incrementally improve your business as your income increases and you gain simplicity and clarity along the way -- finish now and revise later!

How do you get the results and the income you want from your internet marketing business?

Tip #1: Self-Actualize

Be aware of the little crutches you fall back on daily that keep you from achieving your goals and keep you from being confident. When someone asks how you're doing, instead of saying "Good", change it up to "Fantastic", "Wonderful", etc…

Also, be aware of these "negative" words, Robert's 3 pet peeves:

  • Try: sounds like you're not even going to attempt it, whatever "IT" is. It is like you are giving yourself permission to fail. Instead, say "I'm going to do"
  • Work: sounds like something you don't want to do, like labor. Instead, say "I am (doing) this today", for ex. I am formatting my website today. Use an action.
  • Start: just like "try." Sounds like you're only going to get halfway done. Instead, use action again, such as "I am meeting a client today about my product."

If you complain all the time, you cement your ideas. If it's your belief that internet marketing is a scam or that you have to make only minimum wage, or someone else has to lose for you to win, anything you discover or new information, will only reinforce that. If information comes in that contradicts those beliefs, you're going to find a mental block/way around it instead of being inspired by it.

Tip #2: The Rule of FOUR: The Best Way of Increasing Productivity

Complete 4 tasks every day. They can be 4 big things or 4 small things but the best combination is 3 things at 45-60 minutes and a 4th thing at about 15 minutes.
Fancy planners and endless to-do lists get so bogged down and leave you feeling unmotivated.

Successfully finish 4 tasks today, call it a day, and you are ready to succeed again tomorrow!

Robert's program, www.incomemachine.com, has a Facebook group where each member posts their 4 things for today, every day.

Tip #3: Finish Now, Revise Later: The Substance of Today's Podcast

You do NOT have to wait for something to be perfect. Finish it for NOW and you can make revisions later. What matters is that you have something on the table NOW that you can offer customers.

Why does Finish Now, Revise Later work?

You will start earning money to keep motivated and productive and inspired to keep growing and developing your business.

You can see what sells and what doesn't. You want to concentrate on your best sellers.

It's very important to start selling your product so you can see how people use it. You don't want to keep adding elements to it that people may not use and therefore waste your time and effort.

Example: Netscape Navigator "Blink Tags." Developers did this because it was "fun" to develop-but it doesn't make any money. In the same way, a lot of internet marketers spend entirely too much time on business cards, fancy logos, building Twitter followings, but those things do not make money. Get a product out there that does!

Let's talk about "Backup Creator" (www.backupcreator.com)

This is a WordPress plug-in that allows you to back up your WordPress site, as well as clone it so you can keep using it to make new sites.

This took about 3 days to make and it was not perfect but Robert and Lance put it out anyway because it was finished ENOUGH. It functioned and it did what it promised to do. Along the way, there were little hiccups and de-bugs they've had to make but if they had waited the last 3 ½ years until they thought it was perfect, they would have lost 3 ½ years of income PLUS the opportunity to see what worked and didn't. Along the way, they've made some upgrades and now it's just a matter of maintenance. At time of airing, Backup Creator is powering about 85 THOUSAND sites-imagine if they had lost all that opportunity by constantly waiting to "finish."

Tip #4: Avoid the "Money Zone"

What is the money zone? It is the zone of your lowest to your highest income.

If you are in the "money zone", you are either in a situation where you will make a certain amount of money no matter what happens in your life, which is holding you back AND the flip side of that is when you have an upper limit, no matter what you do, you'll always find a way to self-sabotage getting past that point.

You don't want to be TOO tactical OR too strategic.

Tactical: you're only looking ahead to your next installment, say $100.
Strategic: you're planning 10-20 years down the road

The first step to fixing this is realizing you have this mindset and start to think differently. Just TODAY, think about what you can do differently to increase your income NOW.

For example, with Backup Creator, Robert and Lance thought what else can they do to increase money on the success they were already having with this product?

They started the Developer License that people can purchase as an add-on after purchasing Backup Creator. It is no extra work for them to maintain, it is simply a license for buyers to use it with their own clients to keep producing new sites. This is an additional income stream. They thought not just about their next $100, they had ideas of increasing their success, but they didn't get so far ahead that they got bogged down in details and couldn't make another move.

One final thought:

Be very careful with lifetime memberships. You really have to analyze the averages that people pay, how often they renew, etc. You do not want to offer a lifetime membership on a product that people would continue to renew on a yearly basis because in the end you will sell yourself short, have to keep working to add new upgrades and content, and start working on a less by less hourly basis.

For more great guidance and tips on Robert's system, you can also visit www.incomemachine.com.

This will help you get something out there, get to your first $100 or $1000 and get yourself motivated!!

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