Testing the Wrong Thing: How Often to Send Emails? (And Other Dangerous Ideas)

May 27, 2022

What do you think would happen if you spent all your time...

  • Trying to come up with the perfect product name?
  • Trying to figure out what's the best time of day to send out emails?
  • Trying to find the perfect price?
  • Trying to decide if your product should have 4 modules, 8 modules, 100 pages, 5 hours, 10 hours?
  • Trying to add more content to that product before it was launched?
  • Trying to decide if you should send 1 email per day, 1 email per week, or 1 email per month?

I hate to be a broken record for the last decade, but this is how you make money on the internet...

  1. Find that overlap between: a real need people are having (and are willing to pay money for), and the perfect solution you can provide using your skillset
  2. Cut up that solution into four "parts" or modules, making sure people get real tangible results from module #1 that erases the entire cost of the course and that modules 2, 3, and 4 build on top of that
  3. Record a 1-hour video for each module, making sure to give them a goal or result after each lesson
  4. Put those inside a membership site, create a payment button so people have to pay at LEAST $97 for access, add that button to a blank web page
  5. Create a sales letter above that payment button,

644: Power Up For Profits: Discover Your Passion, Reinvent Yourself, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable, and Find Your Big Why with Kathleen Gage

June 7, 2019

After nearly 25 years in business, Kathleen Gage is doing what most entrepreneurs would never dream of doing; changing her business direction and market in a big way. Creating a level of success many entrepreneurs aspired to achieve, Kathleen discovered a passion that had been percolating under the surface for years; a whole food, plant-based lifestyle.


643: Fueled By Culture: Create Internal Change, Discover Relentless Persistence, and Empower Brands with Influencer Marketing with Keynote Speaker Marcus Damas

June 3, 2019

Marcus Damas is an American Entrepreneur, retired professional basketball player, and devoted husband and father based in New York City. Before playing in Sweden’s professional basketball league for the Solna Vikings, Marcus played Small Forward for the Towson Tigers, Towson University’s NCAA Division 1 team in the state of Maryland, where he is on the top 20 all time scoring list. Following his basketball career, Marcus returned to New York City to pursue a career in creative leadership as the Founder and CEO of Fueled by Culture.

Fueled by Culture is a burgeoning creative marketing agency that specializes in connecting and empowering brands with influencers through innovative content and experiential event programming. FBC clients and partners include Avion, Lyft, Hooch, and Postmates to name a few. Marcus Damas is also a keynote speaker at marketing conferences around the world.


636: Move Beyond Ego to Become a Kind Communicator, Have Compassion and Discover Self-Awareness to Achieve Your True Potential with Elizabeth Barry

May 4, 2019

Elizabeth Barry is an author, marketing executive and a badass leadership coach. She teaches people self-love, exceptional communication skills and how to live a life fulfilled, both in and out of the office. For over a decade, she's taught self-branding workshops and helped leaders discover their business BEST through the art of powerful communication, personal branding, marketing and PR. She's devised a 2018 coaching mastermind program that transforms lives, unblocks energies and helps amazing CEOs, managers and Founders engage in discovering and rediscovering their creative life powers.


634: Fearless Wealth: Money Mindset, Question the Obvious, Find Extreme Stability and Implement Powerfully Simple Investing with CFP and NLP Expert RC Peck

April 30, 2019

RC Peck is a certified Financial Planner (CFP), a Registered Investment Advisor and a Master NLP practitioner. RC Peck is also the author of Fearless Wealth, Simple Steps to Growing and Harvesting Money.

RC Peck is the founder of Fearless Wealth, a San Francisco-based investment education company that delivers unique workshops, training and presentations to the public and companies worldwide. His passion is giving people the facts, the tools and the specific steps necessary to become self-sufficient at managing and understanding their money. However, RC's approach is not what one might expect. He starts where people look last - at themselves. He believes that growing one's money has to start with one's behaviors about money.

Born in Cincinnati, he started trading his own account when he was 15 years old. Since then he's traded commodities in New York City; designed an investment method that protects and grows money more efficiently than Wall Street; and has interviewed hundreds of traders, investors and millionaires on four continents for one purpose - to find out what works. Based on his ten years of financial research, RC published Fearless Wealth Simple Steps to Grow and Harvest Your Money and founded Fearless Wealth Workshops in 1997. You can find RC's work on his website at FearlessWealth.com.


632: Diving Deep Within: Stop Being a Coach Resister, Use the Socratic Method, Discover Your Aspirational Self, and Become Coachable with Melinda Kelly

April 14, 2019

Melinda Kelly wants to know: are you a "coach resister?"

You're afraid to invest the money? Don't want to give up control to someone else? Think you know better and if you tough it out, it will get better? You've tried and it didn't work, so you won't give it another shot?

Until, maybe, the hammer comes down! Your business hits rock bottom, your partner leaves you, your health deserts you, you're so miserable you're loading up on anti-depressants?

That's usually when someone gets desperate enough to hire a coach. But Melinda J. Kelly says it's a mistake to wait that long when there are so many ways for you to thrive and succeed NOW with a coach that's right for you.

But there's more to it than just hiring a coach...you have to be ready, willing and have the right mindset to make the relationship succeed...and she tells you how you can go deeply within to prepare yourself for a coaching relationship that will take you far beyond what you can do on your own.

She provides the roadmap in today's podcast episode where we discuss Finding Your Coach and Diving Deep Within.


626: Defeat Impostor Syndrome, Enhance Your Leadership Skills, Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem with Mooniek Seebregts

February 12, 2019

Mooniek Seebregts has coached since 2002, she also is a speaker and an international bestselling author. In 2013 she became founder and director of The Center for Innovation for Leaders located in Sacramento, California, because she realized that, "People like to go after their full potential, they want to be a great leader, but they often don’t know how to get there."


617: Mindset Shift: Content Recycling, Accountability Masterminds, Networking and Consistency with Aaron Walker

November 30, 2018

Aaron Walker is a veteran entrepreneur. Having started over a dozen businesses during his four decade journey has been pretty awesome. Beginning at 18 years old and selling to a Fortune 500 company just nine years later set Aaron on an adventure of a lifetime. The secret sauce for Aaron can clearly be identified with these four attributes: grit, authenticity, determination and perseverance. The glue that holds it all together is his weekly involvement in Iron Sharpens Iron Mastermind groups. Aaron started masterminding 20 years ago with Dave Ramsey, Dan Miller and several other notable Nashvillians. Today, he spends time with his wife, two daughters and five grandchildren.


611: Clarity, Focus, and Action: Discover Your True Potential and Implement Your Aligned Life Roadmap with River Easter

November 5, 2018

River Easter is a catalyst to help you discover the genius inside YOU. More than your average life coach, her vast toolbox includes more than 25 years of neuroscience, smartcuts, and paradigm busting processes. She has a Masters in Organization Development and is a certified Life Mastery Consultant. HER genius is part alchemy, part science, part consciousness hacking.
She has worked in government, private, and nonprofit sectors providing effective tools for collaboration, leadership and innovation. Her experience and passion for growth and transformation is evident through her creativity, laser focus, and analytical mind. As a sought after life coach and speaker, River offers inspiring workshops as well as transformational high-touch coaching programs that help clients go from survive to THRIVE with ease.


610: Live Your Own Successful Story, Change, Evolve, and Overcome Obstacles By Thinking Beyond the Wisdom of Walt with Dr. Disneyland Jeff Barnes

October 31, 2018

Jeff Barnes is the best-selling author of The Wisdom of Walt: Leadership Lessons from the Happiest Place on Earth and Beyond the Wisdom of Walt: Life Lessons from the Most Magical Place on Earth. Known as Dr. Disneyland, he teaches the only accredited college course on the History of Disneyland. He is an international Disney motivational speaker, higher education administrator, university professor, and leadership/success coach. He has more than thirty-five years of professional speaking experience and nearly twenty years’ experience leading teams in higher education and teaching more than twenty different college courses.

He attributes his passion for Disney parks to his love of history, story, and success. He believes the parks teach us some of life’s greatest lessons—as long as you know their history, know what to look for, and you are willing to connect it all to your own story. Jeff lives in Riverside, California with his family. When he is not speaking, teaching or writing, Jeff enjoys spending as much time as possible in "The Happiest Place on Earth."


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