046: Did You Send Out Thank You Cards to Your Customers Yet?

No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you're still way ahead of anyone who isn't trying.

Very few marketers even make the effort of doing Thank You cards. Should this be part of your everyday routine? Are there tasks that are a "better" use of your time?

Maybe. But, what if, no matter what niche you're in, you just singled out 4 random customers today and just jotted down 4 quick Thank You's? It would take just a few minutes out of your day but put you way ahead of the curve.

You just want to thank your customers for buying from you. There's no "sell", no discount and no hustle. You are just thanking them for their business. They are part of your success. Here are your tools for "Thank You" productivity...

Thank-You Tool #1: WPKunaki

On Robert and Lance's website, MembershipCube.com, as well as their other membership sites, they use a plug-in called WPKunaki, which is an address collector.

When someone joins their membership site, the plug-in pops up and asks for their mailing address and runs it through the address validator. Lance would be really crazy not to be collecting addresses.

It's nice to have it on hand. He can use it for Thank You cards, he can use it to send them webinar or DVD copies as just a quick bonus. He can also use it for geographics to target customers later for Facebook ads.

Thank-You Tool #2: Phone Calls

Sometimes Lance will even call them on the phone.

If someone just bought a $7 e-book from you, they're not expecting anything at all, not even an auto-responder-generated email. So, if you make that call, you're way ahead of anyone else.

If someone bought from you and you contact them the same day, they are going to just be happy and not have any complaints.

Thank-You Tool #3: Send Out Cards

This is a service that will allow you to send traditional cards to your customers. These are NOT electronic cards. They are "paper" cards like you would get at the store so they are very personal, not "mass e-mailed" and they won't go to your customer's spam folder or look like another sales push.

There are also gift options within the Send Out Cards system that you can send to your customer as well.

To learn more about how Send Out Cards can help you personalize your relationships with your customers, go to DoubleAgentCards.com.

Thank-You Tool #4: Google Drive

If you have a Gmail account, you also have a drive account. If you don't already have one, go get one. It's free.

You can create any doc and have it be in your Google Drive, where you can now access it from anywhere.

A good idea here is to keep a journal of different contacts/activities that have with your customers. Here is where you can keep a journal of the Thank You cards that you send out.

"Cheesy" Marketing

You want to stay away from cheesy marketing. Many marketers tell you to look up today's holiday and give your customers a "special discount" for that day (example: a "Boxing Day" discount) or to look up your customers' birthdays market to them on their birthdays.

It sounds like a good idea but all these marketers who teach this have never personally marketed to me on in this way. They've really just posted an occasional sale here and there when they're probably running low in their bank account.

It makes more sense to just sell what you sell and be consistent. You don't have to have sales all the time if you're thanking your customers for being there.

The 1-4-15-80 Rule

This is an important concept that Robert talks about in his program Double Agent Marketing and its accompanying book. It's how your list is broken down:

  • About 1% will buy everything you put out.
  • 4% will buy most of your stuff.
  • 15% won't always buy high-ticket items but they will probably buy things where they can do a payment plan.
  • Then, your last 80% will probably not buy anything products/services over $20.

If that disappoints you, you can build a bigger list OR you can take better care of your list.

Even if your list is not that big you can still make sales. If you wanted to make $50K/month, would you rather have 100 subscribers and 50 sales of $100 each, regardless of the type of products? Or would you rather have 10,000 subscribers that only purchased $5 items. Robert has asked this of several of his customers and overwhelmingly people would rather work with the first option.

It's not necessarily about getting floods of people but about building a decent size list and really adding value in cultivating relationships with those who want to buy the higher-level products. It doesn't take much to:

  • Mail them a DVD (Kunaki.com for DVD production)
  • Mail them a book
  • Send them Thank You cards (Vistaprint.com for address labels and postcards)
  • Give them a phone call

Avoid the 3-inch DVD Syndrome

There are small writeable CD's. When Robert was first starting out, he saw these and thought, "Hey, cool I can fit this mini CD into a normal sized envelope. I can record something and send it out and I am going to make so much money."

If no one cares or no one plays it and it doesn't lead to anything it's not going to get you anywhere. In other words, something has to bring the customer back. It has to be intensely valuable and/or make the customer feel very valued.

Some Fun and Creative Marketing Ideas from Robert

One time for an event he took out Facebook ads that were so narrowed and targeted that the ad was basically just showing down to the 1 person he had picked out in Facebook.

For the one person he wanted to see it, he would put their name in the ad and their picture. He did successfully sell seats to seminars just based off this ad.

Another time, he went to Amazon and bought a huge box of microwave popcorn. He left the individual packages all sealed up in plastic and sent 100 of them out with copies of a quick letter. The letter basically said, "Here's some popcorn to watch this movie" and the URL in the letter went to an online "movie" that was pitching a live event. He spent $200 or $300 altogether on this marketing and sold seats to his event this way. It was a good return on investment.

An idea he's pursuing now is to send out copies of his Double Agent Marketing book to his customers along with a highlighter and a letter that says something along the lines of "this book has so much valuable information you'll need an extra highlighter."

Closing Thoughts

Don't do this to prospects or to people you plan to joint venture or network with. Do it low tech. once you start getting fancy it really kind of backfires.

These "Thank You" and marketing ideas are for your current customers, your best buyers and those you want to come back. Do it "low tech." Once you start trying to get "fancy", it really looks cheesy and can backfire. You just want to say Thank You and do something fun for them.

You can always reach Robert at his email via robert@robertplank.com. He would love to hear from you about your business and what marketing you're doing that is working successfully, and is happy to hear your questions. He may even feature your question on the show!

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