073: Multi-Pass Copywriting: Kick Off That Sales Letter with Just Ten Bullet Points

If you feel like there are holes in your internet marketing knowledge, that maybe you're trying to learn college calculus but can't add two plus two, then this is the podcast episode for you!

Many marketers are obsessed with split testing, funnels, and setting up 1-click upsells, but they don't even have a buy button on a sales page.

Can I walk you through what I tell someone if they're struggling, can't get a sales page figured out, and just need a quick web page online?

The first thing is that you should have a copy of Paper Template (just $7 dollars) installed on WordPress, because you can easily click and create anything you want. But now what do you write on that web page where you want people to enter their email to subscribe? What magic words do you place on a web page where you want people to click and pay you money?

Marketer of the Week: Robert Puddy
Robert Puddy

I created a couple of products and launched a couple of services with Robert Puddy back in the day. His big thing then was creating traffic exchanges to bring in lots and lots of hungry traffic.

His biggest site is Launch Formula Marketing (now Login Frequency Marketing). Puddy monetizes unsubscribes from his list (link them to SpamAssassin with your affiliate link), even lost password pagees (Roboform). Make them login to your site every day, for example, to watch a webinar.

Wise Words This Week

When we get overwhelmed, we often use multitasking to get back on track. It often causes more problems than it solves. Usually when you split your attention, you’re giving half the effort and producing half the results. The solution is to develop "single-handling" activities. --- S.J. Scott

Copywriting Shortcut

AIDA/WWHW: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. Why, What, How-To, What-If.
Keep it stoppable stupid, look with fresh eyes, bottlenecks

  • Who Else Wants To... (this headline is my squeeze page starter)
  • Imagine... (starter for emails)
  • What Would Happen If... (starter for webinars)
  • Quick Question... (starter for sales letters)

PHASE I: Minimum Viable Product

  1. Headline: Who Else Wants To?
  2. Ten bullet points: why should I get this?
  3. Price and buy button
  4. WWHW re-ordering

PHASE II: Fundamentals

  1. Button, stack, headline (in that order)
  2. Product breakdown (individual modules)
  3. Problem agitate solve (story)
  4. Four objections (no need, I don't believe you)

PHASE III: Persuasion

  1. Four stages of awareness
  2. Cialdini 6 elements
  3. Typos and numbers not adding up

PHASE IV: Window Dressing

  1. Case studies and testimonials
  2. Graphics
  3. Jump links


  • Paper Template (This is the WordPress plugin I use on all my sites for sales letters, optin pages, webinar replay pages, and more.)
  • Fast Food Copywriting (Here's how I churn out attention-grabbing, high-converting sales pages in just a few minutes on-demand.)
  • Speed Copy (The complete course on how to make a full-time income with money-making web pages)

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