074: The Penny Test, The Login Test, and the Opt-In Test (Does Your Internet Business Get a Passing Score?)

Can a single penny really make or break your entire online business? Listen on to find out...

Marketer of the week: Teresa King. She Taught me how to keep it simple. One of the first people I knew with a membership site (1999) -- BoxedScripts with me. Redirect Pro.

Feature Presentation: The Penny Test

Does your business pass these three tests?

  1. Penny Test (what happens if you set your product's price to 0.01, actually purchase for real, then change the price back to normal later? Can you completely pay, check out, and create an account in your system? What about logging back in?)
  2. Login Test (upsell, test user, MG user masquerading, dashboard page, login-logout)
  3. Opt-in Test (single-double-triple optin, re-optin with existing address) fill in contact form)

Ten Bonus Tests

1. Is your mailing address on your website?
2. What about a contact form?
3. What do I see when I google your name?
4. Search your name on Amazon?
5. Search on YouTube?
6. Search on iTunes?
7. Do you own the .com?
8. Where can I optin on your site?
9. What can I buy?
10. If I only buy one thing from you, what should I buy?

Bonus test: where's the one place that I can find your "best stuff"? (best of page on your blog, blog post listing all your products, etc.)

Wise Words: John C. Maxwell's 7 Steps to Success

John C. Maxwell, author of 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, says you need to take these seven actions:

  1. Make a commitment to grow daily
  2. Value the process more than events
  3. Don't wait for inspiration
  4. Be willing to sacrifice please for opportunity
  5. Dream big
  6. Plan your priorities
  7. Give up to go up

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