075: Make Money on the Internet Starting from Scratch (Using Fiverr)

Today we're talking about a silly way of making money using Fiverr. Our course for this is at Profit Dashboard. Everyone can do this. Even if you're bored, goofing around, looking for startup money, or starting a business that someone else can continue.

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Robert Plank's Catchphrases of the Week

  • Phrase #1: Don't Think So Much. (start doing)
  • Phrase #2: Think about what you'd do if you were desperate for money. Then do some version of that (on a smaller scale) so you don't actually have to become desperate.

Quote of the Week from Revolutionary War Colonel William Prescott: "An obstacle is often a stepping stone."

Marketer of the Week: Daniel Hall from DanielHallPresents.com. Have a whole year of webinars booked. Book 2-3 different webinar swaps with someone if the first one works well.

First, make the money ($100). Then, scale it to make more money ($1000). Then, scale back the time so it doesn't take over your life ($100-$1000/hour)...

Today, think about living life on your terms: where no one tells you what to do, and you can do what you want. Run your own blog, webinars, podcasts, events, publish your books. Do what you want, but do something! Stop thinking.

Better Time Management (Four Daily Tasks)

  1. What if you provided a coaching bonus when someone buys from you? (even for $17 or $97) -- TimeTrade.com
  2. What if you send a personal postcard to people who bought, or even attended your webinars? -- WPKunaki.com and DoubleAgentCards.com
  3. What if you asked QUESTIONS from your email subscribers? Most marketers don't know to do this.
  4. Appointment-Based Business: Could you run your entire internet business in just 1 hour a day? You probably could, if you got off Facebook, emails, customer support. Guess what? You still have that time. It just shouldn't be "business time." You might need a day planner or a calendar.

Fiverr: A Silly But Effective Repeatable Income

  1. Fiverr Marketplace: people buy things for $5, usually more with upsells, multiple "gigs", fast delivery
  2. Based on ratings and rankings so it's not a sketchy marketplace like DigitalPoint, Craigslist, or even Upwork
  3. Voiceovers, videos, run SEO software, transcriptions, article writing

The Steps

  1. Join ProfitDashboard.com so we can show you how to navigate Fiverr.
  2. Choose a micro-niche (i.e. handing out flyers)
  3. Post your "gig" (or job) and choose your pricing (i.e. $5 for 50 flyers or 100 word voiceover)
  4. Take steps to get traffic to your gig (this is unique to Profit Dashboard)
  5. Check your orders, complete them in a few minutes, and deliver them
  6. Get rated and rate your buyers -- rise in the rankings

Closing Thoughts: Small Increments

  1. What if you read just 1 page of a book per day? (minimum)
  2. What if you earned or saved an extra $100 per day? ($3k/mo = $36k/year = $720k in 20 years, even before compound interest)
  3. What if you put in an extra 10 minutes into your business every morning? 5 hours per month or 60 hours per year
  4. Most people bastardize "Think & Grow Rich" because they forget about FOCUS. Most marketers talk themselves out of taking any action because they're already "imagined" themselves doing it.

Stop thinking. Just do. You can course correct later.

Today's episode sponsored by: ProfitDashboard.com.

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