076: Gamification: Make Your Membership Sites Sticky Using WP Notepad and WP Kunaki

Let's talk about "The Grid" you'll have in your membership site:

What if you taught weight loss? Give me a 5x5 table (or dashboard) where I can choose the meal plan I want to lose weight.

Hypnosis membership site? Let me jump to the exact recording I want to listen to in order to feel good, fall asleep, get focused, etc. Let me choose the exact real estate form in your real estate membership site.

  • Catchphrase of the Week: When you copy the airplane for the first time, duplicate the dents, too.
  • Question of the Week: What's the One Word That You Own? Drip, clone. Template.
  • Quote of the Week: "No focus = overwhelm." -- Dan Blank
  • Marketer of the Week: Joe Lavery (put the pressure on your website visitors using scarcity)

Our Membership Cube course shows you how to setup WordPress, a domain name, sales letter, and use Wishlist Member as the "gatekeeper" to manage all your members: let them in once they pay, or kick them out if they cancel/refund.

WP Notepad to provide note-taking areas

  • allow members to take private notes under each of your videos each of your modules
  • add "completed" checkboxes in every page/post so they can mark off their progress
  • add "fill in the blank" forms so they can grab your templates and customize them right in their browser
  • add multiple "checkboxes" anywhere in your site so people can complete the tasks you provide to them
  • also, spy on those members to see how they're using your site

WP Kunaki to collect addresses

  • collect mailing adresses (to dump into DoubleAgentCards, Kunaki, send a book or podcast)
  • verify those addresses against a verifying service
  • create public or private member directories

TablePress to create the dashboard (free plugin)

  • figure out what size of table you want (rows and columns)
  • add links to the modules of your site
  • rearrange later: add/remove rows or columns, add icons from IconFinder.com

This is all possible due to Membership Cube, which includes your own copy of Wishlist Member, WP Notepad, WP Kunaki, and more.

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