086: Destroy Overwhelm Today, Achieve Maximum Clarity and Get Back on Track to Making Money

  • If you do the things you've always done, you'll get the results you've always gotten.
  • Questions must be answered. Ask your "computer" brain for more negative answers and it will provide this to you. Ask for positive things and it also can't stop.

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Important Quotes

  • "You either create or allow everything that happens to you." -- Jack Canfield
  • "Today may not seem like much, but you're trading a day of your life for it." -- Anonymous

Questions As We Get Started

  1. Take stock of what matters and what doesn't. What can you let go?
  2. What is your usual reaction to: your bank account, your significant other, bad news, good news. What can you change?
  3. Do you work better under pressure (just enough chaos) or do you like getting further and further ahead?
  4. Do you have some skin in the game or are you just a spectator?

Psychological Triggers to Become Instantly Productive Even in Overwhelm

  • countdown timer (creates artificial urgency)
  • Seinfeld technique (mark each day on the calendar when you complete something and don't break the chain)
  • accountability partner (someone who can be proud of you when you finish)


Solutions to Overwhelm

  1. Helpless: Get some control back by making your bed. It's at least one thing you can control and one accomplishment you made today
  2. Disorganized: Four Daily Tasks: write down those quick goals. Break your problem down into component parts.
  3. Alarmed: Play it out to the logical conclusion. As in, if you're worried about money, take it to the most extreme conclusion. Will you be homeless? No, then it's not super terrible.
  4. Anxious: Exercise (even walking), eat better, move around, have better posture
  5. Indifferent/Unmotivated: Journal what you're feeling: sounds cheesy and is time consuming but works as a makeshift therapist. Combine something you don't like to do with what you do like to do, like play music while writing.
  6. Lonely: Be more social, find a mastermind or mentor
  7. Annoyed & Negative: Redirect Automatic Negative Thoughts and Absolutes ("this always happens"). Ask yourself, what's good about this or what could be good about this?
  8. Depressed: smile, laugh, change your usual "predictable" reaction. Confuse your mind and break out of that pattern. Be careful with the "negative" words you use.
  9. Bored: Move to a new location. Get your writing done in a coffee shop today, with a laptop and no charger
  10. Distracted: shut out noise and create boundaries. Develop better habits, i.e. not checking FB, stats, email when you get bored. Separate the forest from the trees to get that clarity.

Conclusion: which is the reason you feel overwhelmed?

a. you perform best under pressure (you need a way to relax and unplug but this mode works for you): tweak those deadlines so it's interesting but you deliver on time
b. you're worried of what others think: do your best, you do you. You need more confidence which you get as feedback from your victories.
c. you simply can't decide: scale down so that you make lots of small decisions (i.e. just decide on the book title)

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