100: Crack the Traffic Code with Lance Tamashiro


My business partner for the past 7 1/2 years, Lance Tamashiro, is going to share with us how he "cracks the free traffic" code on Twitter, Fiverr, iTunes, Amazon... using just a few simple rules:

  1. Model what already exists so you can reverse engineer for an easy starting point
  2. Know where you're at -- check out your existing rankings, clicks, etc.
  3. Login to that "platform" or marketplace once a day so they see you're active and checking
  4. Send external traffic whenever possible -- for example, send Twitter traffic to Fiverr or Amazon
  5. Know which variable you want to improve and watch that number improving with small tweaks and tests (once per week)
  6. Use relevant keywords to give users of that platform a better experience and to "please" the owners of that platform


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