1003: BlueTuskr: Boost Omni-Channel E-Commerce Business Using AI with Andrew Maffettone

Do you have an e-commerce company but are having difficulty increasing sales? Many online businesses sprouted up during the pandemic and successfully sold their products. However, as the world slowly returns to normal, simple marketing methods for online enterprises are no longer effective. Online sellers must now find a way to attract more customers, improve sales, and ultimately lead to business growth. This is where BlueTuskr comes in. With their assistance, you can now have a strategy suited to your business with nothing but success in mind.In this episode, we have our guest, Andrew Maffettone, an e-commerce marketing expert and the founder and CEO of BlueTuskr. Their goal is to provide online sellers with comprehensive marketing strategies built specifically for the success of your business. Tune in as Andrew shares the e-commerce business's current problem and how their company, BlueTuskr, can help accelerate business growth. Andrew will also share advice about purchasing, which everyone can apply in their life.


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