1008: H-Hour: Unleash the Secrets of Direct-to-Consumer Success with Greg Potapenko

Friday, January 5, 2024

Do you want to beat your competitors in business? Entrepreneurs who fail their businesses tend to forget the fundamentals they need to follow to keep their businesses open. Have the best product, be the best storyteller, and treat your customers greatly. Following these fundamentals will allow you to be recognizable among the brands. Being just an average will not get you far. If you also want to step up your game, look for a team that will increase the level of your marketing that will suit your budget and, at the same time, destroy your competition.

Greg Potapenko is the founder of H-Hour Marketing, a company that strategically helps businesses to scale with marketing that generates results without risking your budget. He is an award-winning marketer who helps direct-to-consumer brands grow, specializing in paid search, display, and social. Greg also aids army veterans in becoming entrepreneurs. With his skills and experiences, Greg will share his insights and knowledge on how to survive and succeed in your business on top of others.


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