1009: Get Phyllo: Scale Your Brand Through Influencer Marketing with Prateek Panda

Sunday, January 7, 2024

Social media has now become a key factor in promoting your business, at the same time, various social media influencers or content creators have flooded different platforms, creating videos and gaining thousands and millions of followers. With an influencer marketing strategy, you can now collaborate with influencers to advertise your brand to their followers. And in order for it to be effective, choosing the right influencer is critical.

Prateek Panda is the vice president of marketing at Get Phyllo, an application programming interface that creates data by connection to various social platforms and collects information about influencers or content creators so you can have the right person to advertise your brand. With his expertise in influencer marketing, Prateek will discuss how you can utilize this marketing channel to scale your business effectively. Tune in to learn more!


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