1050: Understand Burnout: Find Peace and Set Boundaries in an Uncertain World with Burnout Diagnostician Cait Donovan

Thursday, March 7, 2024

How can we achieve productivity and peace in a world where burnout seems unavoidable without compromising our well-being? According to the WHO, burnout is characterized by a prolonged period of cynicism, lack of productivity, and physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion. 

Listen to this episode as Cait Donovan, an international keynote speaker, author, and host of Fried the Burnout Podcast, discusses how the need for safety can sometimes lead to overwork and resentment. Cait shares her personal journey through severe burnout, highlighting the importance of self-awareness and letting go of unrealistic expectations. Cait also shares the importance of listening to your body's needs and prioritizing self-care as a crucial step towards overcoming burnout. This episode offers a fresh perspective on overcoming burnout and reclaiming your energy. Never miss out!


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