1127: Metranomic: Account-Based Marketing, Maximizing ROI, and Organizational Growth with Founder James Sandberg

Saturday, June 15, 2024

Are you having trouble getting good leads using traditional digital marketing methods? Many people are frustrated because they feel like they are wasting their marketing budget with little to show for it. By focusing on broad, untargeted campaigns, companies are missing out on building strong relationships with their ideal customers. So instead, by concentrating on the right accounts that are ready to make a purchase, you can change your marketing strategy completely. Find out how to improve your sales and marketing performance. 

Meet James Sandberg, an award-winning B2B marketing expert and founder of Metranomic. He offers a fresh perspective on digital marketing, challenging traditional methods and providing new solutions. His ideas could transform your marketing strategy. Today, James talked about the difficulties of staying consistent and avoiding new marketing tools. He also suggests improving outbound marketing by segmenting, personalizing, and empathizing with B2B decision-makers. Listen in to discover more about his expertise and revolutionize your sales approach.


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