1128: Tree of Life Legacies: Explore Core Values and Personal Life Stories with Storytelling Expert April Bell

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Podcasting is magic because it takes personal interest and makes it interesting to other people. Enthusiastic hosts make content that connects with their listeners, which helps them become loyal fans. But to keep the excitement going, they have to really care about their topic and stay true to the purpose and goals of their podcast.

April Bell is a storytelling expert and founder of Tree of Life Legacies, a project based in the San Francisco Bay Area that focuses on storytelling and wisdom keeping. She has also developed an iOS app called StoryCatcher, which helps individuals tell and preserve their personal stories. April is passionate about values-based storytelling and helps people explore their core values through their origin stories. Today, April shares insights on the importance of personal storytelling, the elements of a good story, and how to effectively share stories in both personal and professional settings. Listen to learn more!


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