205: Branding: Strategically Focus Your Pricing, Content, Client Acquisition, Company Culture, Business Model, Customer Experience, and Identity with Natasha Davis

Natasha Davis from Impact Branding Consulting says that many business owners confuse marketing (psychological minutiae that let people know your business is present, i.e. t-shirts) with actual branding (pricing, content, client acquisition, culture, business model, expertise you have, identity).


Don't do so many things that you can't differentiate yourself in a unique way! Branding is the difference between being seen as a "Target" business or a "Dollar Store" business. Decide what type of client you want, and then develop a profile of what that ideal client looks like.

Identify that ideal client's commonalities and observable behaviors (business size, industry, where they hang out, social networks, how to get in touch, follow-up) and characteristics (what you can only identify by talking to them -- if they're ready to get started and how accountable and coachable they are).


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