266: Affiliate Mastery: How to Generate High, Targeted, and Fast Commissions with Myke Metzger

Myke Metzger from MykeMetzger.com (email him directly at mindset@mykemetzger.com) has had a lot of online success in a short amount of time, and not only has an amazing lifestyle, he also generates income getting traffic for top performers.

Myke explains his affiliate marketing strategy. Instead of the outdated MLM model of recruiting friends and family, Myke says that it makes more sense to position yourself in front of people who are already looking for a particular solution. (For example, software, luxury automobiles, and high-end water filters). He also believes in focusing on higher conversions and testing your results. Don't be like most people who simply "get ready to get ready"... take small actions today that pay off in the near future.


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