265: Visibility, Credibility, and Leadership: Repurpose and Curate Your Evergreen Content with Dawn Jensen

Dawn Jensen from DawnShowMeHow.com is all about reusing your content.

If you're ready to live the laptop lifestyle and enjoy a huge social media reach with your content marketing, without working too hard, then you're in for a treat. Dawn discusses:

  • how to repurpose videos and audios (for example, turn a 90 second video into an audio and a podcast episode)
  • how to curate your own evergreen content into shareable facts, figuers, statistics, quotables, and checklists
  • curate from other sources including Hewes, Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine and Inc Magazine
  • why you should look back at your last few years of blog posts to find new ideas to update that speak to what your audience is doing now
  • the feedback loop
  • prep, presence, plan, and pivot


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