$30,000 in 28 Days?

My question to you today is: What's your goal for next month, as in how much money do you plan on making?

Is it consistent with your previous months?

In 2008 I logged several $10,000 months and several $15,000 months. But I've only broken above the $20K per month glass ceiling once or twice... so when we were in Hawaii, I said to Jason, "Let's make sure that in February 2009, we both make at least $30,000 profit that month."

Do you think I'll fail or do you think I'll succeed?

I don't want to reveal too much, but here's what my personal plan is:

  • Co-host two e-classes, one at the beginning and one at the end of that month.
  • Launch one new product per week.
  • Launch one new resale rights offer per week.
  • Re-launch one existing product per week.

I've never been that great at pay-per-click, joint ventures, recruiting affiliates or any of that good stuff, so the above plan will have to do.

I already have product #1 for the month finished, now I'm busting my butt to get a bunch of trivial stuff out of the way, so it dosen't take up my time during the $30K Month.  Here's what I have to get out of the way in the next 48 hours:

  • Record the rest of my weekly Daily Seminar videos... through the end of December 2009.  (I only have content scheduled up to September 2009).
  • Solve all the issues people are having with Action PopUp conflicting with other plugins. (Don't want to be overwhelmed with customer support next month.)
  • Get Daily Seminar listed for sale on SitePoint. (I don't want to have to wait until March to put it up for sale.)

So, will I meet my goal?  $30k per month is just $1071 per day.  What is your goal for next month?  Comment below and please be honest.  No one will make fun of you if it's only $3k or $1k or $300...

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  1. $30,000 in 28 Days | February 1, 2009
  1. Stefan says:

    Maybe a spelling misstake, but quoting yourself:

    … so when we were in Hawaii, I said to Jason, “Let’s make sure that in February 2009, we both make at least $30,000 per year.”

    Per year or per month?

  2. Robert Plank says:

    Shoot, I mean our goal was to make $30k that month. How embarrassing… fixed it!

  3. Shelby says:

    Sounds good to me, will be fun watching you make it happen.

  4. Stephen Dean says:

    Congrats man that’s a great goal and plan. Can we all guess the dollar figure you’ll hit? I’m betting $31,000.

  5. JNFerree says:

    I would be more than happy to ADD to your Fed. `09 bucket if I could get a tip or two on how to once and for all install auto pop-up on my site. PHR scripts are obviously not my strong suit. A nice YT video would be handy


  6. Robert, knowing the types of products you realease and how responsive your list is, I’m sure you’ll hit 30K with no problems.

    Wish you could have a web cam on you recording all the action. Sort of your own reality show (Robert’s 30k In 28 Days With His Clothes On!)

    It’s a shame you picked February, the month with the least amount of days to reach this goal. Maybe try a month with 31 days next time? Just kidding of course LOL…

  7. Eugene Humbert says:

    30K in a month? I’ll be lucky to hit $30K for the YEAR! Between medications, partners who need to be supported by MY work (I’m their only source of income – my work that is), I make him about $2K a month… and the rest gets plowed back into the business, buying tools (like you make), templates, etc. I’m lucky to see $500 a month.

  8. Dave says:

    Well I use to think it was a dream…. $30k a month
    not any more so far this month $38k.
    Its a pitty it took me years to get there…but it was worth the wait

  9. Hi Robert,

    I think you can make it. I wish you all the best.

    My goal is to make $2000 or more next week cause I am releasing a new product this weekend so wish me luck..lol

    I will release to the Warrior forum first…so will see.

    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Charles says:

    This is my first month of running my site, and I’ve made about $3000 so far (started 5th Jan). My aim is to try and double the daily income by the end of Feb.

    $30,000 / month is really my end goal. Nice round $1000 a day is a very sexy income.

  11. I’m still finishing up with school, but for my blog my goals is $300 in advertising.

  12. Go for it wee man.

    You have some hot shit on this site at good prices

  13. I have set a lower goal [$2000 first month] for starters on my new website with the potential of doubling ever month by giving away free ads to local businesses in my area.

    I believe it is very doable with the marketing plan I have. I will be using some of your scripts on the site also. I look forward to your next book of php scripts. I am learning it!

  14. Terence says:

    It’s funny how one’s goals get higher and higher once one has got started. What seems like a reasonable goal at the beginning starts to look a bit pathetic in hindsight, but you have to start somewhere.

    You must keep moving the goalposts every so often to stop you stagnating, so I say go for it. If you don’t achieve it you will do sooner or later and you will have learned something along the way.

  15. First, I will qualify my following advice by saying…

    You’ve clearly found a niche for yourself and a system that works. And when you find something that works to make money, you should stick with it!

    OK… that being said…

    You might be launching too many products. Including the e-classes, new products, resale rights products, and re-launches… you’re doing 14 launches in a month.

    A good product launch is a lot of work, so if you’re doing 14 launches you BETTER make $30k.

    What I would like to see you do sometime is take a couple months to develop something amazing, and create the biggest and best launch you can possible create.
    Instead of launching new things every week, build up to your big product launch.

    Done right, I think you would make MORE money from one big launch than from 14 smaller launches.

    I’ve done at least 9 six-figure launches, and many 5-figure launches… so I can say this with some experience backing it up.

    I realize you say “I’ve never been that great at pay-per-click, joint ventures, recruiting affiliates or any of that good stuff, so the above plan will have to do.”

    However, you do create good products, and you’re obviously a good communicator. So if you took the time and effort and did a “mediocre” job of recruiting affiliates, I still think you could make $30k+ from one launch.

    But like I said, it’s also wise to stick with what works. So maybe if you can hit your goals doing it your way for a few months, you will have made enough money for 2009 that you can justify “risking” a couple months to focus on one big launch and see what happens.

    Either way, keep up the good work!

  16. Ben Shaffer says:

    Although I would not have said it almost nearly as eloquently as Eric, I was thinking the same thing when I read his post. That is that you are working way too hard in order to hit a target of $30k.

    I realize that you like to do stuff yourself (or with Jason) and don’t want any outside help, but with a few powerful partners on board, you could easily hit that target just on the front end and then probably triple it in the next few months on the backend and with follow ups.

    It is clear that you deliver quality products and that your customers and list like the products which you sell, so it shouldn’t be too hard to do this.

  17. Robert,

    Does the 30K include the sale of dailyseminar you are planning?

  18. Anonymous Avid Reader says:

    “I don’t want to reveal too much..”

    Robert Plank,

    Are you Crazy?

    I was thinking of joining your daily seminar. I hadn’t joined yet because Paypal would only allow me to subscribe if I would like a credit card to my paypal (Even though I have hundreds of dollars in my paypal balance.)

    So, You casually drop in your post that “Get Daily Seminar listed for sale on SitePoint.”

    Do you think I will join your site now?

    You have got to be downright stupid to post such a thing. While you have posted in the past several things that Personally I would not do (like.. saying that you forgot to pick up your check from your day job…and that you might quit…) are things that someone with a personal public profile such as yourself should not do. (why? if your boss comes across this, he might fire you before you are ready.)

    If you ARE planning to sell the site, you would best do it in a format where you remain involved, and definitely i a discreet transaction. i might even be interested in buying it myself! (like Dan Kennedy Sold out To Bill Glazer, But is Still Involved!)

    but when you post so nonchalantly that you will be selling it on SitePoint.. I for one, would cancel my subscription to the site unless i got a VERY GOOD ANSWER!

    I hope you explain this– and FAST!

    (and you can’t do that with an annoying auto-queued response you posted before you went to Hawaii!)


    gosh you are a love/hate kinda fellow,

    one of your readers

  19. Stephen Dean says:

    I’m actually really interested in your plan to sell the site on SitePoint. I hope you share more about this in the future.

  20. Hey Robert,

    Can you do a contest with the prize being an hour of your time?


  21. John Webster says:

    Good luck, Robert!!! Given your previous success, i’m sure you’ll meet your goals!

  22. Robert,

    I’m amazed with your Software Creations! and I think you definitely are capable of pulling off that much money this month, However- Selling a website you created previously is not really countable as a “$30,000 Month”.

    That’s like selling a house you had for 20 years and booking a $50,000 Gain in your “weekly pay” the week you close the sale?


    I’m also curious how much you want for the Site- and if your members are aware of the possible sale. it wouldn’t be too pleasant for them to read about it by chance on your blog when they are your Paying customers.


  23. Robert Plank says:

    I’m not going to count the selling of DailySeminar as part of the $30k… if it happens it happens. To be honest, I haven’t even listed it yet.

    And even with us listing it, I don’t care if we can’t get it to sell right away… we have the content finished, we just have to get some affiliates and JV partners on board.

    My videos are scheduled for the rest of 2009, we’ve got to get Jason’s recorded in the next few days, and fill up a bunch of interviews too. So we’re kind of behind on that, but that’s ok, beacuse I’m focusing on stuff that’s making me money right now.

    If we get it listed and sold this month, it won’t count as part of the $30k… that’s separate.

  24. Hey- When will you blog the results of yesterdays launch?

    and do it in greater detail then you did on twitter, now 😛

  25. Robert Plank says:

    The WordPress Crusher launch made me $6,478.53 in about 24 hours, after commissions & fees. (It’s probably over $7k after commissions and fees but I don’t count it that way.)

    Out of 1256 visits, I converted at 16.4% on the frontend… 206 sales at an average price of $27.04. ($4,901.22 on the frontend.)

    The backend converted at 12.6% which was 26 sales at $77, extra $1,577.31 from that backend.

    As far as how I’m doing for the whole month, I’m looking at $6,948.41 in the past 4 days. I only need to make $500 for the rest of the week and I’ll still be on track for my goal of $30K for the month.

  26. Good For You!

    I’m sure when the resale rights offers go out that should bump up nicely a bit.

    why not do the whole 30k in three weeks and then take a week off?


  27. Robert Plank says:

    why not do the whole 30k in three weeks and then take a week off?

    Yeah right, I don’t think my list could handle being hit with so many offers.

    I am taking some of Eric Holmlund’s advice and trying to do bigger launches. So that plan of 1 launch, 1 resale offer, 1 price increase per week is only the emergency plan if everything fails.

    Since I have just about hit my weekly goal now, I’m going to be souping up to give affiliates a bunch of tools to promote… so I can keep the sales coming in and the price rising on its own even past the $40 mark where it is now.

  28. wrhump says:

    I know for sure you can make 30k in thirty days.
    John R. made about 1 million in less than 24hrs.
    I have to laugh my goal is to show people how to make
    1 million in 30 days. It is a very simple formula.
    You can’t make a baby if you don’t try. Make your
    dream come true.


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