370: Become an Expert Thought Leader: Sell Books in Bulk, Speak on Stage Consistently, and Effortlessly Fill Up Your High-End Coaching Program with Fran Harris

Fran Harris is a business optimization and explosion expert who wants you to get to the low hanging fruit and make more money in less time in your solopreneur (or larger) business. That means getting in front of a larger crowd by seeing where you fit in. Instead of writing a book about any random subject, watch the media to find a repeat problem, and create a book that solves that problem.

Then, call organizations, appear on news outlets, and run Facebook ads to a specific audience who needs to solve that problem. For example, football coaches who are in need of team building experts. Get them on the phone for five minutes to arrange coaching or a speaking engagement where you sell books to their crowd. Listen in to discover the media shortcuts and more from Fran in today's episode.


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