369: Mindset, Vision, Tools, Strategies, Personal Growth, High Achievement, Focus, Clarity, and Purpose with Chris Burns

Chris Burns is the host of a weekly, 12-hour personal development livestream marathon show, and in the last 5 months, he has interviewed more than 85 inspirational role models and leaders from around the world who are spreading great ideas and making a difference. He's the Founder and Head Coach at Burn It Up Coaching and Chris LOVES to inspire and awaken the power within people to create their reality, by developing and implementing the right mindset, vision, tools and strategies, so every day can be their best day ever.

Chris has worked with clients ranging from solopreneurs to CEOs and has spoken at more than 90 live events on many stages across the United States, to rooms with 250 people at a time. He’s here today to energize, ignite and light a fire within your heart, mind and soul.


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