374: Use Analogies in Your Storytelling and Marketing to Make a Lasting Impression, Become Well-Known and Get Raving Fans with Former Presidential Speechwriter John D. Pollack

John Pollack, a former Presidential Speechwriter for Bill Clinton, helps people tap the full potential of language to articulate ideas, reveal truths, and persuade others to action. His books include The Pun Also Rises; Cork Boat; The World on a String; and most recently, Shortcut: How Analogies Reveal Connections, Spark Innovation and Sell Our Greatest Ideas.

John stops by the show today to discuss the comparisons or parallels you should use in your marketing. For example, your business might explain itself as the Cadillac of Toasters, the Uber for X, or the Facebook of X. Steve Jobs has a story where he explains the "bicycle of the mind" and Ronald Reagan used great imagery in his "Morning in America" TV campaign.


John also discusses the five elements of a great analogy: 1. familiarity, 2. highlight similarities and obscure differences, 3. a useful abstraction, such as cut-and-paste, 4. tell a coherent story, 5. deliver emotional resonance.


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