403: Interview Valet: Reach Your Ideal Audience Using Podcast Interview Marketing

We're talking today about getting traffic by being a guest on interview podcasts, and our guest was Tom Schwab from Interview Valet, but the recording didn't come out, so Tom does not appear in today's episode.

When you appear on other peoples' podcasts as a thought leader expert, you can become the person people sit up and listen to, and you get that "know, like, and trust" factor. Topics covered:

  • How to get on "the right stage" with podcast guest marketing, and why it's a way better payoff than guest blogging to get a continual flow of leads
  • Why it makes more sense to use a podcast booking agency instead of doing the research, leg-work, outreach, scheduling, and follow-up yourself
  • How Tom's team prepares you and tracks your podcast traffic


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