405: Evergreen Focus & Motivation: 12 Mind Hacks to Become a Better Author, Speaker, Coach, Entrepreneur, and Your Best Self

Listen in as we reveal the twelve secrets all entrepreneurs (including you reading this right now) need to know in order to take massive action and enjoy rapid success.

  1. Quiet the Noise: Don't check email or texting in the morning
  2. Minimum Viable Product: what's important?
  3. Body Health: Exercise, wake up early, drink water, and get a good night's sleep
  4. Better Relationships: contempt, criticism, defensiveness, stonewalling (expert John Gottman)
  5. Be Present: avoid multitasking, distractions, waiting for X to do Y, or "sticking it out"
  6. Write Things Down: journal to document and "crack the nut" plus gratitude list
  7. Negative Self Talk: ask better questions about your situation, such as: What's good about this? What action will you take moving forward? Is the thing you're worried about always true in all circumstances?
  8. Be Independent: You are in control. Even if luck or people get you down,
  9. Be Positive: Why did you get started with your business in the first place? What used to get you excited?
  10. Triggers, states, habits, responses
  11. Entrepreneurial Skill: distill the information down quick enough to take action. Don't be arrogant. Pay attention. Take the steps and see if you did it correctly. Don't give up.
  12. Chunking: Adjust the size of your "laundry basket" to work your productivity muscle (focus muscle)

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