408: Traffic Fountains: Get an Unlimited Number of Clicks, Views, and Sales to Your Website

Do you sometimes feel like you're slaving away at your website? Maybe you built it and they DIDN'T come? When you're looking for "traffic" advice, do you feel like you're told a bunch of shady OR outdated marketing techniques? Even worse, do you feel flooded with lots of "tiny" traffic techniques? If so, today's episode is the relief you've been searching for. We discuss the six traffic fountains you should focus on today:

  1. Search Engine Optimization & Content Marketing: Fiverr, Rev, WordPress blog, evergreen podcast, LinkedIn, Medium
  2. Guest Posting: podcast guest interviews (RadioGuestList), Interview Connections
  3. Video Marketing: YouTube, Facebook Live
  4. Pay Per Click: Google AdWords, Facebook ads, AdRoll (model, create campaigns daily, break even, scale)
  5. Upkeep: email marketing & followup campaigns, postcards/thank you's, PushCrew/ManyChat
  6. Nice to have's: affiliate program (swipe file & contest), Kindle books (your best material), outreach (find customers that use competing or complimentary products), under the table payment (podcast sponsorship, signature ad, Facebook page ad)


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