484: Re-Assess, Re-Engage, and Re-Affirm to Re-Succeed: Gratitude, Baby Steps, and Building Success Habits with James Colburn

James Colburn is a father, husband, acclaimed author and serial entrepreneur with vast experience in real estate, consulting and sales.

He is a Franchise Consultant and Sales Trainer for one of the largest and most successful real estate companies in the nation, John L. Scott. At the height of his real estate career he sold 10's of millions of dollars in real estate each year.

On the outside, it looked like James was living the ultimate dream, but along the way, he had lost his sense of purpose.

James realized that conventional measures of achievement can keep even the best performers from finding fulfillment. He mistakenly defined himself by his accomplishments rather than by who he was, which in turn, made him miserable!

To help others find purpose and redefine what matters most, James created his Personal Resucceed Coaching program where he helps high achieving professionals and entrepreneurs get more from life. He recently published his first book, RESUCCEED: Create an Extraordinary Future While You Sleep by Using the 5-Minute Epic Evening Ritual. In this book, James shares insight into the "purposeless epidemic" and breaks down the transformational evening ritual that's helping people reclaim their lives and find true happiness.


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