531: Energy, Productivity, Ideas, Self-Awareness, and Finding Your Strengths with Darren Virassammy

Darren Virassammy says: "I am a leader who keeps an eye on our destination and initiate the practical steps to take us there, through awareness of details and their ripple impact. I align talent toward long term scalability and step aside to allow others to take ownership in their respective zones of genius. You can count on me to identify and take the present practical steps needed to bring the first version of the future vision to reality. I will work to understand what makes each person tick, seeking to hone and develop the people I am around. I push for excellence and will hold people accountable for their own capacity for human excellence. While I vigorously work toward systems, efficiency sustainability and scalability, I always advocate for setting new higher standards."

He talks to us today as we find out how to create an organization that builds strengths into culture, communication, productivity and financial performance and 34 Strong's StrengthFinder tool.


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