686: Get Measurable Results from Direct Response Marketing and Combine with Branding with JD Dwyer

Return guest JD Dwyer from TheInstituteOfWow.com is back to tell you how to differentiate, target your ideal audience, and avoid the race to the bottom! He's here with several fun stories, including how he helped a lawn company sell out their entire inventory by including a "Happy Meal" offer.

    1. Identify your most profitable target audience: demographic profile, avatar, age -- then look for more people who look more like them
    1. Create WOW factor to take their eyes off the price -- buy wheelbarrow, we'll add a free shovel -- artificial wow factor, think outside the square -- value-add that takes that customer's eyes off the price
    1. Use the problem-solution (before-and-after) formula: solve a real problem
    1. Fix your website: create a sales machine and not an information portal. Clean up your home page. You need a problem/solution headline. Explainer video. Have a menu of all the services you offer. List the three big benefits of someone using you. Video testimonials.
  1. Collect customer data!


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