245: Wow Factor Marketing: Stop Spraying Bullets and Use Direct Response Techniques to Adapt and Thrive with John Dwyer


John Dwyer from TheInstituteOfWow.com has noticed that many businesses simply "spray bullets" -- they don't use direct response techniques to measure their marketing. They should use the Wheel of Wow:

  1. Identify your most profitable customer: not your target audience, an actual person... then market more people like that
  2. Add Wow Factor: get prospects to take their eyes off the price (the Happy Meal effect)
  3. Position problem/solution scenario: the same way weight loss companies market (before and after)
  4. Fix your website: make sure it has those sticky ingredients (welcome video, headline, testimonials, data capture)
  5. Repetitive trade: get customers to use a loyalty/reward system (think "sandwich punch card")

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