742: Facebook Campaigns and Retargeting: Discover Profitable Paid Social Ads with Naira Perez

Naira Perez has been in marketing for almost 20 years and has been able to work with several industries and some Fortune 500 brands. She got her start in direct response advertising, building brands on TV before digital was even a thing; she received daily reports of calls and orders from clients, and through that data, modified paid media plans and placements as needed to better serve clients.

Naira founded SpringHill in 2016 specializing in paid media, developing digital marketing strategies and optimizing ROI through generating qualified leads. From paid media, integrated campaign design, and audience patterns to new platform initiatives — she does it all.

Naira loves the excitement of optimizing in real-time and exploring the plethora of possibilities that exist in raw data, taking pride in the fact that companies don’t need huge budgets to make their digital marketing more effective.


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