743: Apply the Book Formula Process to Write an Easy Book in Record Time and Get Clients


Robert Plank shares amazing insights of his Book Formula Workshop on how creating a book can help local marketing agencies connect with local businesses in their community, leveraging this as a social proof to get out there, be recognized, connect with people, and in result exponentially grow their own businesses.

You don’t need to be an expert to write a book. For local marketing agencies who have a Local Marketing Asset you can have your book talk about what the LMA can do for your local agency. Or talk about how to set up a Local Media Asset. First is to create a Facebook page, add a website. And then later on, add some contact information or a handful of ideas for some of these local businesses to maybe think about some things outside the box. For the content maybe talk about the type of posts you put out there on your page to get engagement including the MEMES, interesting stories, local news & events, and basically case studies.

Take a step-by-step process on creating a book. Do it incrementally so you’ll never get stuck. Set up a good enough book at first then just add some cool ideas and fun things as you get better at doing it. With that you’ll never get a half-finished book.

Having a book can be leveraged to connect to people and eventually increase your business. It is an amazing marketing tool and makes you stand out especially when you are out there prospecting and networking.

The thing business owners should keep in mind especially when they speak in a local summit or big events is to ensure that they can reuse the content and not let it die in a span of 12 months. You can create a book by recording the talk, get it transcribed, edit, and put it into a book and sell out to those people who participated in the summit.

There are many ideas when creating a book. You can make the mock up book, you can make the quick book that is your actual business card and kind of goes more into detail about the things that you do have a menu of your services have links to your own products or your own other books or you know, any an easy thing that anyone can do is make a list of your favorite tools in whatever in whatever capacity you run your business. 

Book on its own is not enough or not a magic button. It should be coupled with the followup and have a local media asset page. It gives you one more step ahead of some of these other people that don’t even have a book.

Utilizing your podcast show where you have the opportunity to sit down and interview somebody in depth. You’re extracting the information from those interviews, having them transcribed and then put them into a book in different chapters is an amazing excuse to be able to walk back into that business and hand that business owner a book with their image on it. It is a cool way to connect to this local business owner.

A blank book can work as a business card because you have your contact details in there. You have bio, you have your web address at the bottom, maybe you put your phone number on it.

You could have a book with no pages and say place to take notes and line my mind. You could have a thing to say take notes, but the footer of every page had your, your name, your website, your phone number.

You could get the mock up made and then while you're still scrambling to finish the inside of the book, start putting out videos or send those reaching out videos to local businesses and just be like “My name's Drew Griffin and I have an upcoming book called local media assets”.They don't have to know that there's nothing written yet and it's still in process.

Simpler can be better. You should not put your entire life knowledge into a book because no one will care about it. Except for you. It'll be too weird. Think in terms of where people are stuck, how can you help them? What are some easy tools or what are some easy tasks that you could do for them, but if they don't want you, they're free to go ahead and try it on their own. 

Book Formula Course

  • Figuring out books hook, concept, cover & mock up. Title, Picture, Author Name, (Front) Picture, Bio, Website (Back)
  • 1st module: figure out idea and have the mock-up business card book
  • 2nd module: Doodle & Present Method- draw a doodle or a diagram or graphic presentation to outline your book content.
  • 3rd Module: Transcribe, edit it yourself, 
  • Bonuses include... How to use your book to get on podcasts and sell more copies of it
  • How to make an audio book format. You can give away promo codes where someone can take a special code, go to audible.com, get your audiobook for free. If someone gets an audiobook for free, that boosts your sales for the print book on Amazon. Plus you can follow-up and get them to review the audio book. 
  • The audiobook contains Compilation book
  • How to make a website based on your book
  • Get interviewed about your book on Marketer of the Day Podcast



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