857: Hashtag Smart: Win the Zero Moment of Truth to Enjoy a Competitive Advantage and Faster Sales with Paul Mackiewicz

Is your company presenting itself in a positive light now that information is readily available online? Consumers use the internet for everything from product research to finding out where a business is located and operation hours. Even a simple, well-designed website can provide you a competitive advantage in your business, and if you sell things, your site can help you develop your business quickly and affordably. This is especially true during this pandemic, as it has heightened everyone's purchasing selections at home for every necessity and want. #SmartMarketing's Paul Mackiewicz joins the program to discuss ZMOT (Zero Moment of Truth) and how to use it to make business decisions and generate income. In this episode, Paul discusses his journey into digital marketing, the massive internet impact that bad reviews can have on your business, the three stages of ZMOT and how they relate to our generation, and many more! Today, he will guide us in identifying what to consider when it comes to reviews, web presence, and what consumers are thinking about before they buy.


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