878: Make Genuine Backlinks for Your Website with Sujan Sarkar

Why should you prioritize SEO over other strategies? Everyone in the marketing or business world, whether online or offline, demands traffic. If you want to focus on search engines, you'll need to keep creating content, conducting research and analysis, building backlinks, and other activities for at least a year and a half, if not longer, to generate a steady line of traffic. If you are building up on SEO slowly and steadily, you get results for many years to go.

In this episode, we have Sujan Sarkar, co-founder of OneLittleWeb. It is an SEO agency, and Sujan is one of the leading SEO experts in the industry. They help businesses grow their organic traffic with a proven SEO strategy, building quality backlinks, and content for clients. Until this point, they've worked with more than 500 clients making websites from scratch to a couple of 100,000 traffic, to some extent, millions of traffic for their websites.


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