885: Market Effectively and Surpass Your Business Competitors with Jonathan Rosenfeld

The world changes rapidly, and technologies improve yearly, affecting business industries. You might think, how can your business adapt, utilize new technologies, and surpass your business competitors? As a business owner and a marketer, you first need to know your customer. Today's customers are much more sophisticated. They tend to have done much more homework before they pick up the phone, contact you, or whatever. Thus, you must acknowledge that and start creating content that resonates with your consumer.

In this episode, we have Jonathan Rosenfeld. He is the owner and managing attorney of Rosenfeld Injury lawyers LLC. His company is a full-service personal injury law office that handles cases in Chicago and around the United States, intending to provide the best possible counsel for people and families who have been gravely wounded or died in accidents. In today’s episode, Jonathan will share his company's difficulties and how they coped with them, excelled, and left their competitors behind. He will also give us some advice that will be helpful to business owners.


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