886: Right Marketing Strategy For You with AJ Rivera

We often hear about how a company's needs have changed. As your business has grown and evolved, so too has the way that you market to your target customers. Today's marketers are no longer just selling products or services—they're selling messages that resonate with their client's needs. This is where a good marketing team comes in: they can help you identify the best approach for your company and its goals to reach your target audience while keeping costs down.

In this episode, we have AJ Rivera, Founder of Blink Media Co., a consulting firm that provides businesses with executive level guidance and leadership for their marketing teams. He has worked as marketing consultant in the health and wellness industry, and he’s a trusted consultant inside of hundreds of businesses in dozens of industries. AJ believer in focusing on your vision on company outcomes instead of getting bogged down with managing the day to day of your marketing department.


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